4 Most Enjoyable Instruments You Can Learn to Play

Any time in life can be used to learn a new instrument! If you are seeking a new hobby or want to utilize your brain in a new way, then picking up a new instrument can be the way to go. There are numerous types of instruments that you can learn, and you’ll want to pick the right one that will entice you to practice as much as possible and learn something new every day. 

Learning a new instrument can be frustrating if you go in with a stringent mindset. For example, if you want to learn the piano and have high expectations for what you can accomplish in your first lesson, it might hamper your enjoyment of playing the piano at all. It is important to go easy on yourself and your expectations and to focus on the overall enjoyment that learning a new instrument can bring you.

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Why Play? 

There are numerous benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument at any age. For one, you will become smarter by learning a new instrument. This is due to the joy that music can bring to people. In fact, there is a direct link to both music and musical instruments to succeed at school. When children (or adults) are challenging their brains with learning a new type of music, then their brains stay challenged while figuring out things such as complicated math problems. Also, when learning a new instrument, your social life can improve. This is because you’ll meet new people that also play musical instruments if you join in on musical groups or start a band. 

Playing an instrument has also been shown to relieve stress and to help relax your body overall. Playing a musical instrument can keep you calm and can help you improve your health by decreasing anxiety, helping fight depression, and even lowering your blood pressure.

What To Play? 

Now that you have decided to take up a new instrument, then there are four classic choices that are both enjoyable and fun to learn. Listed here are four instruments that you can learn how to play:

  1. The Harp. 

The harp is a wonderful instrument. It is one of the hardest instruments to learn how to play, which makes the benefits of mastering it even more enjoyable. As stated in this guide, once you learn how to play the harp, it will produce an unparalleled musical tone. Playing the harp creates a beautiful melody that is both soothing, calming, and relaxing at the same time. It gives an angelic sound and will leave you feeling happy every time you play. Try and leave any frustration behind as you begin this wonderful and rewarding challenge. 

  1. The Guitar. 

Another great instrument to learn how to play is the guitar. When learning the guitar, you’ll open up your mind as well as your social circle. You’ll have ample amounts of opportunities to practice as you can join a band, take lessons and practice with friends. The guitar is a great instrument to take on road trips, to have around the house, and to take traveling. It can be very easy to learn some basic melodies and to play some less complicated songs. This can boost your confidence from the start. Of course, when you want to play more complicated songs, then you’ll need to work a bit harder to get the chords and progressions correct. 

  1. The Piano. 

One of the most classic instruments to play as well as one of the most beautiful is the piano. It is relatively easy to pick up on the basics of the piano and to quickly master simple tunes. However, it is also challenging to learn more chords and to get better at it. It is also challenging to practice as you either have to have space and money to purchase a piano to practice on it. One way around this is to practice on a keyboard, which takes up less space and costs less as well. With piano lessons, you should be able to find many different types of materials on how to learn very quickly. Meanwhile, to get a high-quality kawai piano for your practice, visit the given link. 

  1. The Harmonica. 

This is the easiest instrument to both carry around and to learn! Learning the harmonica can be fun as well as a fun way to entertain others at a small gathering, at a party, or anywhere that promotes musical interest. It is cheaper than most options and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

As you can see, there are great options for learning your first instrument. Go into it with fun and without too many expectations, and you’ll reap the benefits of learning to play music.