20 Movie Ideas for Moms and Sons to Watch Together

Mother and son bonding is essential to establishing a great parent-and-son relationship. One good, timeless way of doing such is watching movies together. Doing so may even help knock down walls standing in the way and find common ground. 

So, enjoy the shared experience of quietly enjoying a film together by watching these 20 movie ideas for both mom and son to watch and bond with.

101 Dalmations

When Cruella De Vil kidnapped her 15 puppies, Perdita hurried to find them before time runs out, and they’re gone forever, while her human owners do the same. The two mothers do everything within their ability to save the puppies, proof that a mom will do anything for her children.

Back to the Future 

Marty McFly’s parents are gearing up for a high school dance when he met them after going back in time. His mom’s past version did try to make out with him, but in the end, he helped her fall in love with his father.

Bigfoot Family

This cartoon tells of a boy discovering that his dad is Bigfoot and that he also had the same powers. When the dad decided to utilize his fame to protect a wildlife preserve from extensive oil drilling in Alaska, the boy and his mom journey to save him.

Boy Erased 

In this tale about a conversion therapy camp, the protagonist, Jared, and his mom go on a heartfelt journey. Together, they learn to celebrate and accept his homosexuality. 


Boyhood tells of a mother-son relationship, which may be rocky at times, but is eventually strengthened through adversity. 

Home Alone

Every mom’s worst nightmare is to unintentionally leave their child behind at home, alone for a week, while they’re off vacationing in France. This Christmas classic shows a mother and son learning how to love and appreciate one another.

Jerry Maguire 

With his round glasses, spiky hair, and endless charisma, Ray, together with his single mother, steal the show. You’re cheering for them to find happiness and for the protagonist to shut up and make them a family.

Jojo Rabbit 

Jojo Rabbit features a German mother during World War II working hard to protect her son and teaching him how to stand up for what’s right.


Moonlight sends a complex portrait of motherhood as the son witnesses his mother’s spiral into drug addiction within three acts. The movie is captivating as well as it’s gut-wrenching.


This Korean thriller highlights a mother’s search for the murderer who framed her son for a girl’s horrific massacre. Mother is a fascinating and dark telling of motherly love and devotion.


film reelThe film follows a mother giving birth to her son while still living in captivity in her abductor’s garden shed. The mom’s drive to shelter her son from the gruesome truth of the world while understanding she can’t protect him forever is familiar to every parent.


When a mom is diagnosed with a terminal disease, she comes to terms with the new wife of her ex-husband mothering both her children. The film celebrates a family dealing with unfavorable circumstances in the best way they can.


This Disney classic follows a loin-clothed adult man getting a new mom in the form of a loving gorilla after his mom dies.

The Blind Side 

The Blind Side is a heartwarming portrayal of an adoptive family based on the true story of Michael Oher, an NFL football star, and his adoptive mother.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The film tells of the unexpected and startling consequences of a forbidden friendship at a German concentration camp between a son of a commandant and a Jewish boy on the other side of the fence.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

This drama documents the life of a man who was born old and aging backward. His mother died in labor, but a nursing home caretaker immediately takes him in. The duo’s lives are intertwined as he gets younger while his adoptive mother continues to grow old.

The Fox and the Hound

When the little fox is orphaned as a baby, Tod gets taken in by both a human and mama owl. He grows up with unconditional love from the two mother figures, which helps him make difficult choices as he grows older and understands the importance of love and friendship.

The Kids Are All Right

two boys watching tv, couch, lamp, carpet, plant, speakers, curtain

This movie follows a lesbian couple having a relatively perfect family with their two children, Laser and Joni. Incidentally, both children, conceived from one donor, want to learn the identity of their biological father.

The Land Before Time

A baby Apatosaurus, Littlefoot, is orphaned when his mom is killed while shielding him from a carnivore. But his mother’s advice on how to arrive at the Great Valley may save his life.

The Lion King

This classic Disney film narrates the tale of a young lion cub dealing with the terrible loss of his father and how he ultimately steps up to defend his family from danger.


Wildlife follows a family in the 60s Montana as both parents navigate through their divorce and teenage son.