10 Tips to Mix and Match Cushions Like a Pro

Source: 1825 Interiors

Your soft furnishings are great for creating that comfortable, welcoming atmosphere to just melt into at the end of a long hard day. Tactile accents can enhance and even transform every room in your home, no matter what the size or the style. Mixing and matching different cushions and soft accents is the easiest way of creating a cosy and intimate feel all year round. Here are ten top tips to make mixing and matching your cushions as simple and as stylish as possible…

Have a theme in mind

Pick your design theme!

Coordinate with your home

Remember that all styling should blend beautifully with the home that you’ve already worked hard to establish. Work within your aesthetic and everything will flow seamlessly.

Curate a colour scheme

Following a chosen colour scheme helps to give your cushion styling some direction and cohesion, making the whole process a whole lot easier and the final result far more impactful. Choose three or four colours to work with, some neutral, some bold.

Layer different materials

Combining different materials together can really highlight their unique beauty and create a stunning scene for your home. Layer fabrics such as silk, velvet, linen, cotton, leather and hessian to style a unique, designer and most importantly comfortable home.

Focus on texture and detailing

Texture and details can take a simple colour or material and make it into something truly head turning. Look for beaded, embellished, fringe, crochet, velvet, silk and tassel details to find truly treasurable throw cushions for every room in your home.

Mix shapes

Combining different shapes and sizes is essential for creating that lusciously plump and voluminous effect for your pillows. Varied shapes bring personality and visual interest to even the most minimal of spaces. Look for round, large rectangular, square and oblong shapes for an eye catching and comfortable display of irresistibly inviting cushions.

Contrast sizes

You should also try to incorporate a few different sizes when you’re collecting cushions to put on display. Varied sizes help to make your styling look and feel organic and comfortable, as opposed to stuffy or showy. A mixture of sizes will likely occur when you make the effort to collect differing shapes, so don’t sweat this one too heavily.

Don’t forget your backdrop

Always factor in the piece of furniture that you’re dressing, as well as the room that you’re styling in. An extremely modern leather sofa is going to look just plain wrong embellished with colourful intricately embellished silk cushions, right? Factor in the feel and tone of the item of furniture in question to avoid any mismatches down the line. The best thing about soft furnishing styling is that it is, after all, relatively low stakes. Something doesn’t look quite right? Simply take it off! Problem solved!

Keep your lifestyle in mind

Remember to keep your lifestyle in mind when you’re both shopping and styling cushions. This means veering away from the precious, pristine or bright white if your home houses certain furry friends or little ones – it’s just not going to end well, don’t wait to find that one out the hard way.

Switch it up for the seasons

You can always switch out your cushions to work with the different times of the year, or indeed to fit with your ever evolving tastes and preferences! The right cushion curation can transform a classic piece of furniture or neutral room. Plus, they’re relatively low states in the investment department, so you can switch it out, mix and match and experiment to your heart’s content!