10 Successful Business Ideas for Women

Many new small businesses emerge every day in different parts of the world, and a lot of those are started by women. It is very important for the world to have women in business since they are half of the population. This means that there are billions of women out there who have unique ideas, skillsets, and visions for the future. Did you know that many female business owners employ around 9 million people and make 1.7 trillion dollars per year? With this, they can truly help the economy running, and improve their own lives at the same time. If you are passionate about clothing or sales, then you can also consider starting an online reseller business. There are online selling apps that can help you sell your clothes online easily, you just need to upload images of your clothes and accessories, and they handle the rest for you. 

For some women, especially moms, it’s quite difficult to start a business if you are hands-Selling apps on when it comes to taking care of your children and your home. But today, this is no longer a hindrance because of the many stay at home business ideas out there. Yes, you can now start your very own business at home while you perform your duties as a housewife. 

If you are one of the many women who are thinking of starting a business, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you 10 of the best business ideas for women

1. Skincare and Beauty Business

Even though women comprise the bulk of consumers in the beauty industry, there are only 29% of women who are executives and board members at top beauty brands. In fact, in the top 100 beauty companies, there are only 10 female CEOs. However, since women usually use beauty products, it makes sense for them to be created by women, too, right? 

With this, one of the best business ideas for women that we can suggest is the skincare and beauty business. You can create lotions, cleansers, makeups, and more. It doesn’t have to be big. You can start a small online shop first where you can sell your products. You can also hone your craft by making artisan soaps, dry shampoo, body scrubs, and other products that are organic and natural, which you can easily make at home. 

2. Design Business

When it comes to the design industry, women surely have an edge. It’s because they naturally have an eye for it. Women are great when it comes to distinguishing shades of color and patterns. And depending on your other professional skills, a design business can be several types of ideas for women. Here are some of the best design business ideas you can try:

  • Interior Design: When you venture into the interior design business, you will be helping people create attractive and functional spaces in their homes or offices. However, you need to note that in some states, a specific licensing is needed to be able to start an interior design business. 
  • Graphic Design:  If you want a design business where you can stay at home, you can use your art skills in graphic design. All you need is graphic design software to create logos, advertisements, web banners, infographics, custom merch such as personalized water bottles or t-shirts, and more.
  • Web Design: If you are into tech, then it will be easy for you to learn web designing. There are different tech skills needed for web design, such as visual design, UX or user experience design, and basic coding like HTML. The main goal of this business is to create attractive websites that are easy to use. 

a woman using her laptop in a car

3. Event Planning

Event planning is a business that includes a ton of multitasking and coordinating details. If you love organizing events, then you must opt for wedding event management courses to start a great business of your own. For example, you can start with a wedding planning business that will help brides and grooms coordinate with photographers, caterers, florists, DJs, and other things that goes into the day. In addition, you can also focus on other events, such as product launches, children’s parties, corporate events, and business grand openings. 

4. Food Service or Catering

If you are someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, then starting a food business is perfect for you. When you choose to start a food business, remember that you will be governed by your state’s applicable requirements when it comes to food safety. This means that it’s better if you have a commercial kitchen or let them inspect your home kitchen first before starting. 

In a food business, you can venture into baking, catering, or having your own food truck. In a baking business, you can take orders for cookies, cakes, bread, cupcakes, and more. You can do this by selling online or get a physical storefront and start an official bakery. In catering, you will prepare appetizers and meals for different kinds of events. And for a food truck business, you will be taking your recipes on the road. This can be costly, but it is much cheaper compared to opening a full-fledged restaurant. 

5. Educational Services

Did you know that about 77% of public-school teachers in the United States are female? If you are one of those who love sharing knowledge, then an education-oriented business is perfect for you. Most of the time, these are flexible businesses where you can work your own hours anywhere you are. 

You can choose to create an online tutoring business where you can offer tutoring for elementary school students, high-schoolers, college students, and even adults. You can also start an English online tutorial since there are plenty of demands today from adults who want to learn it. You can also start an online course. Making online courses involves a lot of work, but once you’ve written all the materials and recorded the videos, the majority of the job is done. 

6. Home, Life, and Financial Organization Business

When it comes to being organized, we can say that a lot of women are masters of it. Based on research, women are more organized under pressure and are better at multitasking. With this, it’s a great idea for women to run businesses where these skills are dominant. Here are some of the home, life, and financial organization businesses you can start:

  • Virtual Assistance Business: For a lot of men and women business owners, virtual assistants are the lifeline of their companies. These are people behind the scenes who keep everything running. They do different administrative tasks, such as organizing schedules, replying to emails, doing research, data entry, and more. With this, you can work on your own or start scaling up and hire other virtual assistants, too, so you can accept more clients. 
  • Bookkeeping Business: If you are good at math, then you can start a bookkeeping business. It is a great small business idea for women, and there are many free courses that can help you get trained in the right skills. Once you have the skills, you can find flexible online work doing bookkeeping for small businesses. It can be a business that you can have on the side or take it as a full-time business. 
  • Professional Home Organization Business: Many people out there are unhappy with the amount of clutter in their homes. Sometimes, it takes an unemotionally-attached third party to manage and organize the process of organizing a home. You can start a home organization business where you can charge an hourly fee to do some decluttering in a home and restructuring rooms in a better way. 

7. Online Reselling Business

If you are passionate about clothing or sales, then you can also consider starting an online reseller business. This kind of business may take a lot of time and dedication. But you can start it as a side hustle and eventually turn it into a permanent resale business. You can start by utilizing online store websites to sell clothes and as well as other items that you want. When you earn big enough, you can then expand to your own resale website. 

One way of reselling is to look for vintage or decent quality secondhand clothes, accessories, furniture, or other items. You can salvage these from thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and online platforms. A few tweaks, some touch-ups, or even just a nice packaging can make the item seem more attractive and bring you a nice profit. Along with repurposing the items, a major part of your effort should also be in the marketing aspect of such a business. 

Yet another means of reselling is to look for items available to you in bulk. There are some websites that provide all kinds of things–gadgets, home decor, etc.–at cheap wholesale prices provided that you place a large order for them. Once you receive the shipment, go ahead and market these items to potentially interested audiences. Even if you sell them at the regular market price, the wholesale cost means a tidy profit margin for each unit.

8. App Developer Business

If you are familiar with and experienced in technology, you can also consider an app developer business. Since smartphones and other gadgets have become an everyday accessory for the majority of people, there’s an increased demand for mobile apps. With this, you can start creating apps for smartphones, or maybe try VR app development using virtual reality software that has become popular in recent years. 

9. Writing or Blogging Business

If you are good at writing essays or have a talent for the written word, you can use that skill to start a freelance writing business. In addition, you can also run and monetize your own blog on a topic that you are passionate about. It might be a challenging business to start, but it is worth it in the long run. There are clients who pay per word, while some pay per write up. If you choose the blogging business, it may take time to get established in your niche, start appearing in search results and make it a source of revenue. Once your website starts earning, you can also hire other writers that you can pay to write regularly for your site. 

Another idea for a writing business is ghostwriting. There are many people who want to tell their story but don’t have the time or skills to write properly. If you have a talent for writing and a good eye for grammar, try offering your services as a ghostwriter. Along with writing other people’s books and autobiographies, you can also ghostwrite articles, blog content, and so on. 

There is actually a very wide range of options open to good writers in the current job market.  Along with ghostwriting or managing your own blog, you can also try the following business ideas:

  • Proofreading
  • Writing product descriptions
  • White papers
  • Website copy

Before trying to start any business related to writing, make sure to conduct your research and know what you’re getting into. Not every kind of writing is the same, so find something that you can manage in the beginning. After honing your skill, it will be easier to work your way up.

10. Digital Marketing Business

With every passing day, the importance of the internet increases, which makes it difficult for businesses to cut through the clutter and market themselves properly. This is why digital marketing services are always in demand. There are many small and midsize companies that choose to outsource these services rather than establish a costly in-house team. Therefore, if you are knowledgeable about SEO, content marketing, web development, social media management, and pay-per-click, then you can start a digital marketing business, which will also give you the freedom to work from home. 


There are indeed many business opportunities for women out there. Among the many options, the best advice we can give is to start a business that fits your skills and passions. If you want to start one in construction, manufacturing, and other male-dominated space, and you have the skills and knowledge to make it work, do not hesitate to go for it. All businesses have challenges, but if you are really passionate about them, you’ll be able to overcome those easily. We hope the list we shared helped you in thinking of what business to start soon.