1-year addiction treatment programs – who are they for?

The alcohol rehab programs and the long-term inpatient programs both offer residential treatment options. They are an effective mechanism and treatment to help a person overcome different types of drug addictions. The duration of the treatment ranges from six months to one year and even more. The long term programs provide a 24-hour care facility for the patients. A 1-year high-intensity program gets specially designed for people who experienced chronic relapses. Also, people who have experienced severe addiction and other mental disorders can benefit from the long duration of treatment.

The long term inpatient treatment is synonymous with the therapeutic community. The focus of the therapy is to create a stable and safe environment that would support sober livelihood. Along with this, it also helps the individual heal from any social damage caused by addiction. The treatments also bear accountability and support for the person.

There is a strong relationship that gets established between the participant and the treating staff. It is this relationship that plays a vital role in the recovery process. The program’s longer duration helps a person establish a meaningful relationship with the staff and other professionals. As such, the patient gives more effort to overcome their addiction.

All you need to know about the benefits of an inpatient drug rehabilitation program

  • Sometransformative treatments and therapies get designed for individuals suffering from alcoholism. The sessions provide them with an opportunity to develop sober living skills and principles of recovery. Some programs also teach employment training and support programs to help a person integrate successfully into everyday life.
  • The craving for the drug is one of the most triggering issues thatincrease the risk of relapse. The programs aim to help a person cope up with these urges. You may feel that they are intense; however, it will help you combat the feeling effectively.
  • The long term treatment programs of inpatient rehab in New Mexico help a person develop relapse prevention skills to fight the craving for drugs. For individuals who have experienced multiple relapses, it is essential to go for long term rehab programs.

A detailed evaluation of long term drug rehab program

Addiction to any drug beyond a particular level can become detrimental to physical and mental health. The various types of drugs may include heroin, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, fentanyl, etc. The kind of medicine that you are addicted to will determine the treatment process. Along with it, various other factors need consideration for designing the treatment program for a particular patient.

  • It is a personal decision to choose a residential rehab program and accepting the treatment without any discrepancy. You must know that there is no one single treatment plan for every person. On the contrary, the treatment plan for a person depends on the unique needs and situations.
  • The long term treatment program will be beneficial for those individuals who have experienced several relapses andhasan alcohol or drug addiction for a long time. It is also useful for those who have not seen success in shorter treatment programs, are severely addicted to alcohol or drugs, and have other health disorders?
  • People who suffer from moderate or severe physical dependence on a particular drug may have to go for the detoxification program before reaching out to the drug rehab center. The medication that is provided by the drug rehab centers will depend upon the detoxification process.
  • Before starting the treatment program, you must let go of negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. These negative thoughts create obstacles in the process.The treatment programs include a large number of therapies that get designed for specific cases. These therapies are research-based. The therapies include dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12 step facilitation therapy, and motivational interviewing. Each treatment has a specific target to benefit the addict. They have different kinds of benefits associated with them.
  • During the treatment program, the entire day of the person gets planned in a specific manner. Right from the time they wake up till they go to bed, the recovery program continues. The interactions that take place in the form of therapies and counseling play a vital role in bringing normalcy to the person’s life. According to the inpatient alcohol rehab in New Mexico, every moment of the treatment gets rooted in healing the person and bringing the balance of life. There are also peer support meetings that help patients miraculously. These meetings help to develop a social dimension in the person concerned.

The growing number of addiction cases all around the world has necessitated the importance of treatment centers. They provide a holistic treatment complementary to everyday life. Additional services in yoga, acupuncture, massage, and exercise are also an integral part of the treatment program. All these combine to help addicts overcome their addiction and lead a healthy life.