Your Ultimate Guide to Looking Sophisticated at the Beach

Whether you live near a sandy shore, or you have future plans (or dreams) of flying away to a tropical destination, knowing how to dress for the beach is always a good idea.

From the benefits of kimonos and cover-ups to feeling confident in your skin, read on for your ultimate guide to looking sophisticated at the beach.

1. Be selective with your swimsuit

If you are going to be hanging out at the beach, there is a good chance that you are going to be wearing a swimsuit. Whether you like to play in the ocean or be reading by the pool, it is crucial that you find a swimsuit you feel comfortable in and that aligns with your personal style.

For many women, wearing a one-piece swimsuit is ideal because they often are the most sophisticated option and are flattering to any woman’s body. If you opt for a one-piece, make sure to style it with a big hat, a sheer wrap, and some large sunglasses for the ultimate sophisticated beach look.

That isn’t to say that you can’t wear a bikini and look sophisticated; however, if you are opting for a two-piece swimsuit, make sure to keep the colours neutral and the pattern minimal to ensure effortless glamour and then opt for a kimono or a cover-up with intricate patterns.

Alternatively, if you want a printed swimsuit, keep it timeless with prints such as polka dots or floral motifs. Avoid anything too loud or too bold. Instead, opt for timeless feminine styles that you foresee yourself wearing year after year.

2. Have your go-to beach outfit

In addition to your swimsuit, you also need to have your go-to beach outfit that you can wear on top of your swimsuit while you are in transit and when you are walking around during the day.

Generally, beach dresses for women are the most popular option as they are comfortable to wear, simple to style, and always look chic.

One of the most stylish options (and one of the easiest) is to wear a long, flowing maxi dress over your swimsuit and pair it with some coordinated flat sandals and oversized sunglasses. By opting to repurpose dresses as cover-ups, you can get more mileage from the clothes that you have packed in your suitcase.

For example, an oversized embroidered kaftan dress is an ideal piece to have in your wardrobe as it is light and comfortable enough to wear at the beach, while the beautiful embroidered details ensure it is dressed-up enough to wear on a relaxed day out.

Alternatively, if you are wearing a one-piece swimsuit, you could also opt to style it with a pair of flowy culottes or light linen pants and an oversized linen blouse or an embroidered chiffon top.

A breezy sarong is another way to ensure you have some added coverage while spending time on the beach. Keep in mind that if you want to keep your skin protected from the sun, it is highly recommended that you keep yourself covered as much as possible.

3. Prioritize your accessories

No matter what you choose to wear, the key to a successful beach outfit is ensuring you have everything you need throughout the day – many of which are accessories. Along with your fabulous kimono, you also need to remember your sunglasses.

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, the most important consideration has to be the level of UV protection they bring. To protect your eyes from the sun, you want 100% UV protection.

Additionally, the larger your lenses, the more coverage you will have, and the greater the area of protection will be. Luckily, oversized sunglasses are chic and timeless, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style for safety.

Other necessary accessories include a beach mat for you to lie down on and a towel for drying off after being in the water. A sun shelter such as an umbrella or a beach tent is also beneficial, particularly if you are going to be spending many hours in the sun.

It would help if you also carried your mask, sunscreen, lip balm, and any other necessary beauty products to ensure that you are safe during your vacation.

Keep your accessories organized with a stylish beach bag that has enough pockets or compartments for all your items.

If your beach bag doesn’t have pockets, you can “add” them with a purse organizer which will make a significant difference when you are looking for something specific and are in a hurry.

Moreover, a water-resistant bag is highly recommended, so that you don’t worry about your items getting wet from accidental spills or splashes, and can instead focus your energy on having a great time.

4. Let your confidence shine

Whether you are wearing a kaftan, a coverup, or a blouse and pant combination, the most important thing is to let your confidence shine.

Every sophisticated woman knows that it is incredibly important to feel good in what you are wearing by purchasing clothing that is high-quality and timeless. When it comes to beachwear, feeling confident is vital for having a good time.

For this reason, don’t leave it until the last minute to buy your swimsuits and cover-ups; instead, give yourself enough time to go shopping and find something great. This is the ideal time to treat yourself to high-quality pieces that fit well and are flattering to your figure.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your look as this will boost your confidence and get you excited for your time spent at the beach.

Remember that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is key to feeling good in your body and focusing on that rather than comparing yourself to the woman next to you is essential.

Every woman’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way, so don’t stress about how everyone else looks and instead focus on wearing pieces that suit your body, style, and lifestyle. And, a smile is always the best accessory.

What are your top tips for looking sophisticated and stylish while at the beach? Do you have any favourite clothing pieces you like to wear or beauty products that you swear by? What do you find is the biggest challenge for getting dressed for this type of day?

Let us know your thoughts and insights in the comments below!

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Andrea Bertinetti is the Marketing Manager at Scarlett Poppies, a vivacious Dubai-based resort and beachwear brand that offers edgy, easy-breezy and effortlessly cool pieces designed by a cultural melting pot of designers. Influenced by tribal trends with a touch of Scandinavian flair, the brand’s beachwear styles are always ethereal and minimalistic.