Your Mom’s Tips And Tricks On How To Dress Up For Any Occasion

Dressing up is both fun and tricky. We all know that first impressions don’t last, but that doesn’t mean we can always go ahead and dress however we like. What you wear when running errands may not be appropriate when attending a meeting. When invited to a wedding, your casual clothes just won’t fit in.

Most of us fear of being underdressed or overly doing it mainly on events we do not attend often. Ever find yourself staring at your closet for what it feels like an eternity? Know that you are not alone. Dressing up the right way can be stressful at times, and many of us are guilty of not knowing what to wear and how to do it right. 

To help you find the best outfits for any occasion, we have gathered the best tips below. Just don’t forget your custom face mask to go with your outfit.

At Job Interviews

Suits are a go-to style in most company interviews, but before you put one on, make sure to have one that is a perfect fit. It is important to note what kind of industry you’re applying to when choosing your outfit. Although most offices require conservative suits, some industries are more laid back than the others. 

Ask the HR and observe what the employees are wearing if you’re not sure what outfit to wear. Even if they are in casual clothes, refrain from wearing jeans, shorts, flip-flops and wrinkly clothes. Dress as professionally as possible and avoid wearing very low necklines and super short skirts and dresses. 

During Corporate Meetings or Company Parties

You’d want to be fun but professional at the same time, so make sure to wear clothes that say just that. If you work in a conservative company, dress accordingly and avoid provocative clothing. Your image is important, especially when dealing with co-workers, your boss, and possible company clients. Keep sophisticated yet straightforward at the same time.

Office wears are generally ideal in business dinners, so go ahead and wear your suits for the night. Are you going straight to a work party afterward? A dark-colored sheath dress and metallic pumps are a good and safe choice. As for the accessories, a chunky necklace is fine as long as you’re at a party.

On a Wedding

Before, black, white and red are considered a taboo during weddings. But now, black and red are acceptable. It would be best to check on the bride and groom, the season and the venue to make sure you’re appropriately dressed. When attending casual weddings, if the invitation fails to state the dress code, stick to simple, comfortable and low-maintenance outfits. 

For weddings held during the afternoon and the reception at night, it is safe to assume that wearing semi-formal clothes are alright. Make sure to choose clothes and dresses that are appropriate for the venue, and not to wear striking and attention-grabbing OOTDs. You would want the bride and groom to have the spotlight since they are the star of the ceremony.

During Dinner Parties

If you have a host, then go ahead and ask for advice. You would not want to feel underdressed in jeans, nor would it make you feel better if you out staged your host for the night by wearing extravagant clothing. Also, consider the weather, the time of the year and the location of the dinner party. When it comes to accessories, a cute stud earring is a safe option, but you can always bring along a statement necklace or a cool scarf in your bag just in case.

During Cocktail Parties

Most cocktail parties have required dressy but casual dress codes. Go ahead and have fun with your wardrobe and play around with your accessories. Choose between your fancy flats, cute peep-toe shoes or heels, but leave your sneakers and flip-flops at home. Go for a chic and dressy cocktail dress, and you’ll surely turn heads for the right reasons.

During a First Date

Okay, this one can be tricky if you’re not sure where you’re going. Go between casual and semi-formal if you have no idea where your date will take you or what activities you will do. Shoes with just a bit of heel as well as simple jewelry would be ideal. Dress accordingly and comfortably if you do know where you’re going.

During Religious Ceremonies like Baptisms

It is important to note the skin revealing clothes such as super short skirts and dresses as well as plunging necklines and clothes that are too tight are considered inappropriate. A pretty dress with a little bit of color is ideal. If you’re wearing clothes that are strapless or sleeveless, bring a cover such as a blazer or a shawl.

On a Funerals or Wake

Since the event is a somber one, you wouldn’t want to grab attention by wearing clothes in bright and fun colors, or accessories that are bold and festive. Also, steer away from striking prints and patterns. Your best bet would be a conservative dress in dark and neutral colors like black, brown, gray, forest green and navy blue. As for accessories, keep it subtle with a pair of stud earrings, pearls or thin necklace. Wear waterproof makeup, dark sunglasses and bring along a handy handkerchief in wakes and funerals. 

A Birthday Party

Check the venue or ask other guests what the proper attire would be when the invitation doesn’t state the dress code. Most birthday parties call for casual attire, so a cool and comfy top, cute skirt, jeans or a sundress is enough. Wear clothes that let you have fun and don’t forget your gift!

In conclusion, if you’re clueless about what to wear on any occasion, the best way would be asking around and confirming the dress code. It would also always help to see if the venue of the event is a casual or formal one, and what the time and season are on the said date. At this current time on what we call as the “new normal”, face masks are mandatory. So make sure to have a custom face mask to match your outfit. Choose clothes that are not too provocative, and always consider comfort over style.

About the Author

Sabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.