Your Hair Questions Answered: How often Is Deep Conditioning Required?

You’ve probably heard plenty of different answers to the question of deep conditioning. Some people swear by it and doing it several times a week. Others, avoid it completely, stating that it has little or no effect on their hair.

However, research suggests that deep conditioning is beneficial to your hair. The key to seeing great results is in choosing a high-quality product. Of course, everyone is different, you need to select a range, such as the Olaplex collection, this will ensure you find the perfect deep conditioner, and other products, for your hair.

What Is Deep Conditioning?

Shampooing your hair washes the dirt and debris out. This is collected daily via the activities you do and from the air around you. The number of times you need to shampoo every week will depend on your hair type and what it is exposed to daily.

Conditioning takes this a step further and helps to protect the hair from these daily challenges.

But, conditioners are washed in and out in a very short period, minimizing the good they can do. On the other hand, deep conditioners are designed to be left in your hair. They are formulated to use this time to hydrate your hair and, because a deep conditioner is full of nutrients, it nourishes your hair.

The result is shiny, healthy, and great feeling hair.

Why Is Deep Conditioning Important?

Deep conditioners are designed to hydrate your hair. As your hair is roughly 30% water keeping it hydrated is very important.

The introduction of nutrients helps to keep your hair healthy and looking great. That means less risk of split ends, brittle hair, or it falling out.

This is good for your hair but even better for you. Research shows that people with great hair feel more confident. This means having great hair allows you to undertake things that you may not otherwise have done. The result is more opportunities in life and greater success. That’s just from having great hair and deep conditioning helps with that!

How Often Should Your deep Condition?

The answer to this is different for everyone as there are several variables including hair type, what contaminants your hair is exposed to, and whether you use heat styling tools regularly.

In general, everyone should be looking to deep condition at least twice a week. However, if you have dry or damaged hair you may benefit from doing this as much as four times a week.

The secret is to feel your hair and look at it. You know when it looks and feels great. Start by deep conditioning twice a week and see how your hair feels. If it starts to feel dryer then increase the number of times you deep condition. But, you shouldn’t need to do it more than four times a week.

Don’t forget, choosing a high-quality product that is designed for your hair type will make a big difference to the results you achieve.