You Don’t Need to Inhale: Different Ways to Consume Medical & Recreational Cannabis

Canada has been enjoying recreational cannabis since 2018, and as far as medical marijuana is concerned, patients have been able to relieve symptoms through prescriptions for twenty years now. Anyone over the age of 18 can grow their own plants, within reason, and possess up to 30gm of dried legal cannabis.

In the US, things are a little further behind but certainly catching up. There are 18 states that have legalized recreational use, and 36 states that allow marijuana to be used to help patients.

One area that has changed in both countries, and several others around the world, is the way that cannabis can be consumed. Not everyone likes to smoke dried flower, and some worry about the health implications of inhaling.

Fortunately, anyone seeking to use cannabis to relieve pain or aid in other areas doesn’t need to smoke it. There are many different ways CBD and THC can be consumed. 

Are cannabis products legal?

The first thing to understand is that as long as the region you live in has legalized cannabis, then any product including it should also be legal. Cannabis dispensaries that can legally sell dried flower can also sell other products containing THC.

However, just because you can now get tasty cannabis gummies doesn’t mean that you can eat them in public. The same laws apply in these circumstances too. The best way to purchase these products is to visit Canada’s leading cannabis store, or one local to you, knowing that they are legalized and trustworthy.

Here below you can see some of the innovative ways that manufacturers are using to provide convenient products for recreational and medical uses. 

Cannabis breath strips

One very innovative way to consume THC is to place one of these natural mint strips under the tongue. They dissolve quickly and act fast. Useful for those seeking something smoke-free and discreet. 

Lip salve

Definitely an interesting option here, but there are good reasons to look into these salves. Most of them are THC-free and hemp and CBD will help to repair dry and damaged lips. The salve locks in moisture, while the CBD can help with pain relief on sore or cracked lips.

For others looking for a little more fun, there are salves containing THC too. As this compound cannot be absorbed through the skin, you will have to lick your lips often. Just remember what you are wearing if you decide to kiss someone! 

Cannabis Drinks

Currently, mixing THC with alcohol and then selling it, is illegal. So, the drinks you will find on the market with cannabis content will be non-alcoholic, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of choices.

 When it comes to cannabis beverages, there are sodas, seltzers, wines, beers, shots, and tea. Plus much more.

For those wishing to enjoy a more sophisticated drink, there are aperitifs and non-alcoholic red wine. If you prefer not to have THC then look for CBD tea bags to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting high. Or, enjoy a vegan, zero-calorie, sparkling water with 10mg of THC.

Beware though, while most drinks contain no more than 10mg of THC, there are some that have a whopping 100 mg. Read the label before consuming. 

Marijuana pizzas

Any backpacker who has visited Cambodia or Laos can tell you about happy pizzas. While you can easily make these yourself, many dispensaries are now selling frozen medical marijuana pizzas themselves.

Others are using hemp seed in the crust, and some more just use CBD. There are even restaurants that are now serving freshly made pizza containing CBD. You can even buy jars of pizza sauce infused with marijuana.

If you are looking to achieve the perfect sleep at night, chilling to Netflix with a weed or CBD pizza might have the desired effect. 

Cannabis edibles

Edibles of course cover drinks and pizzas too, but they are becoming such a large area that it is easier to cover a few of them in one place. There are many benefits to cannabis edibles including pain relief for arthritis symptoms, and fibromyalgia.

One of the first types of edibles to become popular was the cannabis gummy. These are fruit flavor gummies similar to popular branded sweets that you can buy anyway, but with THC or CBD included.

Now though, it is possible to buy all of the following:

  • Breakfast cereal
  • Cotton candy
  • Salsa
  • Beef Jerky
  • Dehydrated fruit
  • Popsicles
  • Coffee
  • Ice cream
  • Brownies…but of course 


Medical marijuana has many benefits which include pain relief, aid with better sleep, and some mental health issues. CBD may be useful for individuals who suffer from stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.

Recreational cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, especially if inhalation is avoided. So, for both medical and recreational consumers, the convenience of being able to choose breath strips or soda with natural ingredients is most welcomed.

And the choice can sometimes be quite surprising, cannabis stroopwafel anyone?