You Don’t Have to Use Pinterest to Share Things You Love

Pinterest is an excellent platform for sharing stuff and following visual content categories that you like. It gained popularity as an image social media network where users can create virtual boards to “pin” the images they like on those boards.

Before Pinterest, there were not many sites that offered the same visual browsing experience. And as you get to use it from time to time, you would not believe how addictive it can be. Pinterest offers the biggest database collection of photos in practically every category you can think of – food, gadgets, home décor, fashion, and more. But sometimes, you might need something genre-specific and not as all-encompassing as Pinterest.

These are some apps similar to Pinterest that you can try:

1. We Heart It

We Heart It is known as the teen version of Pinterest because of the demographics of users who frequent this site. Its content mostly aims at teenagers and college girls – this means there are a lot of heart-tugging pictures on this site. We Heart It comes with a modern interface that allows you to discover and follow the people you love.

The difference it has with Pinterest is it doesn’t have a pinning or board feature, but instead, it has a “Love Button,” which allows you to express the feelings about the photos you see. It also has an “Articles” section that has several articles on trending topics.

2. Juxtapost

Juxtapost is the platform that most closely resembles Pinterest. In fact, it initially started off as an advanced version of Pinterest, but Pinterest’s success overshadowed the site. It has a loyal community that built rich and robust content on different genres. This site has the same idea as Pinterest – it allows viewing, browsing, sharing pictures, and gathering ideas. You can find something for everyone at Juxtapost, thanks to its vast number of categories.

It comes with a “More Like This” button so you can easily find similar photos. It even allows you to browse more without the need to leave the page you started on. If you don’t care about its outdated user interface, Juxtapost is one of the best alternatives to Pinterest.

3. Food Gawker

Who doesn’t love staring at glorious photos of yummy food? FoodGawker allows you to do just that – it’s a Pinterest-like platform dedicated to food. It allows you to gawk at foods in your free time. You can find images divided into different categories.

If you love trying out new recipes and want to share your images, you will enjoy this site. With Food Gawker, visual search of food and recipes becomes easier.

4. Mix

Mix is a great personalized discovery platform where you can discover fun and interesting things. From art to philosophies to food recipes, you can find anything here. It offers high-quality, curated posts that allow you to hop from one article to another.

Each image is connected to an article, making it a Pinterest for your reading list where you can gain new and random knowledge. You can personalize your feed by using categories so you won’t find posts that don’t interest you. However, you can’t check out content unless you log in or sign up.

5. Dude Pins

While We Heart It is for women, DudePins is the Pinterest-like site for men. In fact, its homepage will greet you with a message that says, “Discover everything that’s manly.” Its user interface may not be as attractive as Pinterest, but it has an abundance of content that will attract men of all ages. But it’s not for guys who like posting pictures of stupid memes, naked girls, and guns. It’s actually oriented to those with classy and sophisticated taste who value quality.

If you’re a man who wants to view classy and mature content in your free time, sign up on DudePins immediately. This is the place to learn about everything real men needs.

6. Designspiration

Designspiration is a Pinterest-like site for designers. Whether you like photography, graphic design, digital art, website design, architecture, and other similar things, this is a website to visit. It features a card-style presentation that is easy to navigate and look at. You can get a “Save” button instead of a “Pin” button, but it’s very similar to Pinterest’s pin function. The “Explore” tab arranges posts by categories so you can easily browse photos you are interested in.

If you are a designer and you want to get more ideas or inspire others with your own, this is the platform for you. Also, the user interface is minimalist and fuss-free, making it comfortable to get used to and allowing the photos to stand out for themselves.

7. Dribbble

Another designer-oriented platform, Dribbble brings various designers from different fields together. If you love designing logos, sites, posters, and pixel art, you might as well register on Dribbble now. It has an interface almost identical to Pinterest, but it differs from it, as it specializes in the design field.

People who use this site browse it for ideas or display their own work and get feedback from other designers. You can join a network of different designers, collaborate with them, or simply share your portfolio. You can filter out your search based on tags, color, projects, and other things. It’s a great website for people who want to become better designers.

8. Fancy

Fancy is the perfect site for looking at all things cool. So, if you like buying unique items, you will surely appreciate this site. It brings a curated list of fancy items in a layout similar to Pinterest. The items are categorized into home décor, art, accessories, clothing, shoes, gifts, and more. It allows you to buy any of the cool stuff directly from Fancy without being redirected to a third-party website.

On this site, you can browse with ease and pin the cool things you can find. But one important feature of Fancy is that you can find places to buy the things that you have pinned.

9. Gentlemint

Gentlemint is another Pinterest-like site oriented for men. It’s a collection of masculine content on the internet, allowing users to post and share all the manly stuff. Unlike DudePins that’s classy, Gentlemint focuses on infographics, memes, and funny stuff.

This site usually features topics like alcohol, cars, food, fitness, pop culture, world news, among other things. It’s a fun, enjoyable, and informative place to relax and check out things.

10. Pearl Trees

PearlTrees is a lot similar to Pinterest, but instead of having a board and pins, it uses pearl and trees. Once you find a topic interesting to you, you can look for similar content under its trees. If you want to save a photo or topic, you can add pearls to it. Though the contents and categories are similar to Pinterest, its archaic user interface isn’t something to write about. Also, you can’t browse the content of the site unless you sign up or log in.

PearlTrees is a streamlined alternative to Pinterest, where you can also collaborate with other users to build your own team and create a collection based on mutual interests. It’s a free site, but you can upgrade it to a premium plan to avail of features like offline mode, no ads, extra storage, private collection, and customization features.