Women’s Physical Activity During Cold Weather: 5 Activities for the Laziest

When the sun’s rays rarely appear outside the window, we cannot find the strength to actively engage in physical exercises. We want to lie on the bed and watch New Year’s movies, eating delicious treats.

However, every girl is aware that after the winter, such a regimen can lead to the appearance of extra pounds, which will upset us. As many studies show, even minimal activity will keep our body in good shape.

Walks in the open air

Walks in the open air

At first glance, it may seem that walking will not help maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not. Fresh cool air and an hour’s walk will help slow down the accumulation of fat by more than 50%. Moreover, walking helps to strengthen the immune system, and also has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Choose a time for a walk when there are no strong gusts of wind so as not to catch a cold. Wear thermal underwear and warm clothes, but don’t dress too warm to avoid sweating and getting sick afterwards. After walking at a slow pace, you will see how the quality of your sleep will improve.

Add breaks

Many girls, when there is no opportunity to run in the stadium or there is no desire to go to the gym, start doing physical exercises at home without the help of a coach. It seems to us that at home we can increase the exercise load, as the training time increases due to the fact that we do not need to spend time traveling home.

However, increasing the exercise load threatens us with the fact that we can have a painful effect on our muscles. As you increase the number of exercises and their intensity, you should also take breaks between workouts to give your body a chance to rest and recover.

Big cleaning up

Big cleaning up

Household chores can have a positive effect on good physical shape. This is a kind of fitness at home. Vacuum the carpets, do a damp mopping for ease of breathing, put unnecessary things in their places and you will see how your body feels the physical exertion.

However, you do not need to move furniture or heavy objects on your own, so as not to harm your muscles. As with training at the gym, it’s important to take breaks and avoid overloading.

Relaxing bath

On days when you don’t feel like doing anything, spend the evening resting in a bath. Add a bubble bath, some scented oil, calm music, and candles for total relaxation. Training at the gym produces the same results.



Another great way for lazy girls is to meditate. Meditation will not only help you put your thoughts in order but will also help you concentrate.

You will notice that in the process, you will stop feeling anxious, your attention will improve and your pain sensitivity will become less.


While outside the window the sun shines only a couple of hours a day, the whole earth is covered with flakes of snow, we feel how our energy supply decreases. However, even during such periods, it is important to engage in physical activity. If there is no desire to visit the gym, then you can resort to our simple but effective methods.