Why you should take painkillers during period pain

Menstrual cramps and the pain produced due to cramps is a challenging and problematic time for several women. It not only hampers their personal life by draining out energy for a few days each month but also results in decreased productivity. While some women can manage it, most suffer from unbearable pain during that time of the month. To control this, some women turn to tablets or homemade remedies. But some others prefer natural period pain relief capsules to relieve the pain. Such painkillers can help in pain-free and healthy periods. That’s because painkillers can normalise the menstrual cycle, preventing heavy & painful bleeding by regulating the female hormone level. Additionally, such painkillers can also improve digestion and mood during periods.

Here is why you should take painkillers during period pain

  1. Can be consumed easily and quickly: The very first reason why you should take painkillers is the convenience. Take your medicine at your convenience, anywhere and anytime, by simply removing it and swallowing it with water, unlike other home remedies like hot water bags, gel bags, or yoga, which have limitations on when and where they can be performed. Painkillers and water can be carried anywhere, and whenever you need to take a pill, take it out and consume it, that’s it; there is not much hassle.
  2. Painkillers can help you make your time less painful and more productive: As per the figures from a study, if the total days of periods are calculated, an average woman spends about 6.5 years of her life in periods. That’s quite a significant portion of a woman’s total lifespan, and those who bleed heavily and feel too much pain will probably not do anything  this time, indicating that their 6.5 years are wasted. That’s where natural period pain relief capsules come into action. Such pills will save you from wasting 6.5 years in pain and make you productive during that time of the month.
  3. Ingredients present in painkiller capsules and their benefits: natural capsules have ingredients like Red Clover, which can normalise estrogen levels in women. The second most common ingredient is Wild Yam, which helps with pain and muscular spasms. Additionally, it’s used for gassiness and for normalising estrogen as well. The third primary ingredient is Licorice, which can help heal the digestive tract, move bowels and help adapt to stress; it’s anti-inflammatory. The final primary ingredient is Shatavari, which is a type of female reproductive tonic. It’s great for period pain because it is antispasmodic and can help adapt to stress.
  4. Painkiller capsules have higher drug absorption: When compared to other forms of medicines, such as tablets, the capsule form of painkillers is way more effective and responsive. That’s because its topmost layer is prepared in such a way that drug absorption increases significantly. Additionally, it is much quicker in responding to pain when compared to tablets or other remedies such as hot water bags.


A woman’s body undergoes several changes during periods, making it challenging to stay energetic and active. To tackle such challenges, natural period pain relief medication can help you reduce the pain. Also, the pointers mentioned above are the reasons why you should take painkillers when you’re on your period and feeling pain. If you have already tried other remedies but didn’t get desired relief or no relief at all, then you must give painkiller capsules a try.