Why You Should Get Legal Help For Traumatic Birth Injuries

One of the most challenging experiences a woman will go through is giving birth. The whole experience can be exacerbated in case some complications arise. In case that the childbirth results in psychological or physical injuries, that is called birth trauma. The majority of women that suffer from birth trauma can, unfortunately, feel alone and isolated.

That is why it is important to know that, if such an occurrence happens, birth trauma is not as rare as it may seem, and there are specific actions you could take. Although they can not erase your experience, they can undoubtedly help you compensate for your bills and bad memories somehow. This is why we’ll dive deeper into how traumatic birth injuries happen and what recourse you have.

How Can Birth Trauma Affect My Child Or Me?

Birth trauma is often associated with severe injuries and can have a long-term impact on the newborn child. For instance, cerebral palsy or brain injuries can fall into this category. On the other hand, the standard form of birth trauma presents itself as a wound or damage to a birthing mother. It could also manifest as a psychological trauma that can affect both partners and require counseling or medication treatment, which can last for months or longer.

Examples of physical injuries a mother can encounter during childbirth are:

  • Perineal tears
  • Pelvic fractures
  • Instrumental or  forceps trauma
  • Pelvic floor muscle damage
  • Infections caused by C-section wounds

Injuries to the newborn can include deprivation of oxygen or even a head injury that may result in brain injury, infection, fractures or broken bones, cerebral palsy, or brachial plexus injury. Unfortunately, some of those problems can be fatal to the baby or the mother herself.

What Can Cause Birth Trauma Injuries?

What Can Cause Birth Trauma Injuries

In some cases, the birth injury cause could not be prevented or foreseen. Some factors could not be controlled, and the medical team just could not have done anything. However, some are possible to stop, but the medical professional or the staff made an error. For example, if the doctor used too much force to get the baby out during the labor using forceps, it can cause a fracture in the baby’s delicate skull. Another case could be that a mother can show the sign that the birth will be difficult, but the doctor has failed to see that, or to avoid complications, did not perform the needed C-section, causing injuries to the baby.

In these cases, what you could do is make things legal and have a birth injury claim. It is important to remember what professionals at Hamparyan.com say, “If your loved one has suffered from a birth injury that resulted from negligence, know that your family may be entitled to compensation.” If you decide on such an action, be prepared that you will have to prove that you or your child is suffering injuries because of the negligence made by the medical team. You will stand a good chance with the legal team behind your back of winning compensation.

Since injuries may incur accumulating costs, winning the case may help you to finance all medical therapy needed for your newborn or you. Those can include travel and other medical expenses like medication, adaptive equipment, institutional or in-home medical care, and so on. A claim itself can also include the value of the emotional suffering your family is experiencing after the event.

What Actions Can I Take?

If you have decided to make a birth injury claim for compensation, the first thing you need is to have your legal team. The best solution would be to have a lawyer or group experienced in birth injury cases and medical malpractice. When doing the research, seek those that gave won claims for their clients in the past.

Once you find those that resonate with you, they will take the reins and file a claim for you. Collecting evidence and investigation are also part of the case, and your solicitors will be doing that part of the work as well. They need to prove that the medical profession you have shown your trust in has made an error that leads to the birth injury.

Every day, in the world, millions of babies that are born suffer from some kind of injury. Some of them, unfortunately, may suffer the consequences during their lifetime because of medical malpractice. Many mothers remain traumatized and never give birth again. It is essential not to forget that a claim for birth injury compensation is a valid way to go, and often, a significant milestone in the healing process.