Why Should You Choose Polished Concrete Floor Over Tile Floors?

Polished concrete floors have long been stigmatized as being only useful or appropriate for industrial settings. However, this kind of flooring has advanced significantly, and buyers are no longer restricted to grey and other neutral tones. Polished concrete floors have evolved from being dark and minimalist to a flexible and attractive design option, making them one of the largest new trends in interior design.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

It’s important to bear in mind the finest flooring material for your area while deciding which flooring choice is ideal. For your convenience, we’ve produced a list of the top seven advantages of concrete flooring.


The low cost of concrete flooring is one of its many advantages, and concrete floors may be made to match any budget. Depending on your chosen finish, the price of concrete is often cheaper than most flooring for huge warehouses, gym studios, or smaller bathroom floors (e.g grind and seal or mechanical polish). The price could even be lower if all that needs to be done is to update the concrete of an existing slab.


Concrete flooring is appropriate for practically any room because of its durability. Concrete is a very durable material designed to endure fire, water, staining, and everyday usage. You won’t need to be concerned about your cat, furniture legs, or high shoes ruining the surface.

Easy to maintain

The least favorite task is often cleaning the floors. The days of mopping only once a week and spending additional money on ineffective stain removers are over. Since concrete floors are stain-resistant, everyday cleaning just requires a short sweep with a broom or microfiber cloth. If you have the time, a thorough mop with a neutral cleaning solution will also work.


Because they don’t retain allergies, dust mites, mold, mildew, germs, or moisture that are carried in on our shoes or by the wind, polished concrete floors lower allergy levels. They might be a great choice if anybody in your household suffers from allergies, hay fever, or asthma because of this.

Warm Floors

Contrary to popular belief, concrete floors are not chilly. Concrete flooring naturally absorbs heat from the ground and interior air temperatures because of this. This implies that your floor will stay warm throughout the winter and cold during the summer. Additionally, concrete is inherently energy-efficient owing to its high thermal mass qualities, which decreases your need for heating and cooling and, in turn, lowers your costs.


There are many inventive uses for concrete flooring. We provide you with several style options for your house or place of business by providing a wide range of colors and ornamental finishes. While neutrals and greys are often the most popular color selections, our epoxy flooring colors may be blended to fit any décor and coated with various stains, varnishes, or textures.

Environmentally responsible

An excellent environmentally friendly and long-lasting choice is polished concrete. Concrete may be produced from recycled resources, reducing our environmental impact. Natural resource and environmental expenses, which are associated with alternative flooring solutions, are reduced.

Tile flooring against concrete

Despite being a great option for flooring, tiles have several drawbacks when compared to polished concrete floors. They have a classic appearance and feel. Durability is one of the key distinctions between tiles and concrete. While concrete flooring will always have the same amount of durability, regardless of price, tile longevity depends on the quality and material used.

You won’t need to worry about it after your concrete floor is installed. Contrary to tiles, which are quickly cracked and chipped, concrete floors will not break under the force of a severe impact. Tiles are prone to scratches and cracks from heavy impacts, which may need replacement and, in certain situations, be costly.

Another drawback of tiles is the maintenance necessary to keep the grout clean and clear of mold, dirt, and stains, which may over time accumulate visibly. If you’re placing tiles in a high-traffic location, tiles may not be the greatest option since dirt will accumulate rapidly.

Final thoughts

You should take a lot of things into account when selecting the best concrete floors Seattle choice for you. If cost is a significant deciding factor, polished concrete floors are more expensive than tiles. The price of tiles is determined by quality, durability, and personal preference whereas the price of concrete often fluctuates per square meter.