Why Renting a Salon Booth is the Way to Go

Are you looking to build your own list of clientele from the ground up? Do you want to lower the overhead of starting your own salon-type business? If so, then you need to consider renting a salon booth.

Doing so can help you unlock many benefits for your career and personal life. It will help you make more room in your budget, you’ll be able to grow your own book of business, and you can start to build personal relationships with your clients.

See below for a list of reasons why renting a salon booth is the way to go. Be sure to use this guide to help you reach your decision.

1. You Run the Show

Ask 10 different cosmetologists or hairstylists about working at a salon and they will all tell you the same thing: it has its advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the biggest disadvantages is being limited to working the hours of the salon, using the products they push, and having someone else telling them how to tend to their clientele.

Don’t get us wrong, working at a salon also has its advantages. But there are some out there, such as yourself, who are looking to break away from that business model and build your own business. 

A salon booth rental offers the perfect way to do that. You’ll be able to focus on building your own business with client referrals, online marketing, and networking. You can take pride in finding and attracting your target market, building your book of clients along the way.

The best part? You run the show! A ton of salon booth renters will customize their schedules to fit their preferences. Some will take an off day each week to tend to the family, while others just enjoy opening early, closing early, or adjusting their hours for their favorite clients.

2. Creates Manageable Overhead

As exciting as it is to finally step forth from the shadows and create your own business, some factors prevent cosmetologists or hairstylists from ever taking the leap of faith.

Most notably, people are afraid of the costs that are required to start a salon of their own. But here’s the beauty of it: innovative business models, such as salon booth rentals, allow you to start a business no matter what your budget looks like.

A salon booth rental can provide you with manageable overhead costs so that you can focus on generating more profits. Since you’re renting one small space, the price will be salon-friendly and help you allocate finances to other areas of your business, such as materials, equipment, hair care products, etc.

The best part is that the cost of the salon booth rental will remain nearly unchanged as your business grows. While you continue to pile up more clients and charge higher fees for your services, the booth rental will stay the same, thus resulting in higher profit margins.

In short: you’ll make a lot more money. That money can be used to grow your business and one day, if you’d like, buy a space of your own.

3. Kickstarts Your Business

Like any other venture in life, the toughest part about running a business is taking the first step. Many cosmetologists and hairstylists dream of starting their own salon but never do.

You can be the exception! Renting a salon booth makes your business a legitimate possibility. There’s no need to save up to rent a space or hire an entire staff, those steps can be taken later on—if you want to.

For now, you can rent the salon booth and start your business right away. No more excuses. No more waiting around. No more dealing with your inconsiderate boss at your current job. 

Once you take the first step, you’ll start to build legitimate momentum in your salon business. Your clients will love the intimacy of the space and do whatever they can to support your new business endeavor.

4. It’s Just You and Your Clients

Generally, but not always, the beauty industry has a reputation for having drama-filled workplaces. That kind of drama can quickly wear you down. It can even keep you from looking forward to work.

Instead of rolling up to work at a salon with all the he-said-she-said, you’ll be working towards building a brand. 

At your salon, all you have to do is focus on the relationship between you and your customers. Everyone that walks in that door and sits down at your booth is your customer. No more stepping on toes or gouging out eyes to build your clientele base.

5. Build Your Own Brand

Perhaps you have a passion for cutting men’s hair more than you do cutting women’s. Maybe you’re all about showing off your cosmetology skills on hipster hairdos, not being forced to cut business fade cuts.

Whatever your passion, you can now fully embrace that by building a brand around your business. You set the tone. You get to create the logo, colors, motto, marketing stuff, and so on.

You can use that brand to build an online presence and start passively generating leads (potential clients) to book appointments with you.

Invest in a Salon Booth Rental Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the reasons you should rent a salon booth for your beauty salon or barber shop, be sure to use this information effectively.

Don’t wait another day! Rent your own salon booth and start putting wheels into motion for your own business. 

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