Why Properties in Paphos Are on The Rise

Despite the pandemic, or perhaps because of it, people are increasingly considering moving to a seaside location where they can enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. Whilst many countries have a coastline, one of the most popular in Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Not only is it in Europe but it also offers all the advantages of a growth economy with the benefits of the laidback Mediterranean culture. You can learn more about the type of property for sale in Paphos, one of the main coastal towns by browsing through the selection of villas, townhouses, and apartments.

Why Cyprus?

  • Ease of residency and citizenship processes
  • A growth economy that’s part of Europe

As a country, Cyprus is very welcoming and most people speak English even though the main languages are their version of Greek and Turkish. Furthermore, it offers one of the easiest processes for people to apply for residency and citizenship so giving them access to Europe. The fast track involves investing 300,00 euros but you can also wait 7 years. Either way, it’s a great way to get your foot into Europe, a continent rich in culture and history.

Overall, Cyprus is a growing economy with good infrastructure, and that generally works well. In fact, many entrepreneurs settle here simply because they have everything they need from legal to banking and accounting services. Furthermore, medical care is of high standards and easily accessible for residents.

Why Property for Sale in Paphos is on the Rise

  • Calmer lifestyle than Limassol
  • Historic charm
  • Benefits of a villa with a sea view
  • Easy access by transport
  • Fun nightlife
  • Surrounded by stunning villages
  • Schools and amenities
  • Access to outdoor sport



There are in fact several towns in Cyprus to choose from, including Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta, Kyrenia, and Paphos. In the last few years though, Paphos has gained in popularity because it’s an easy commute from Limassol which is a larger city where most people tend to work. Paphos still offers a nice buzz but it’s not quite as chaotic as Limassol. This is all relative of course because we’re comparing a population of about 35 thousand in Paphos with that of Limassol at around 100 thousand or so. This is a far cry from some of the large metropolitan areas of the world with numbers in the millions.

Historic Charm

Paphos District is a UNESCO heritage site and you’ll see remains of Ancient Greece dotted around the town center and the surrounding villages. There are specific archaeological sites that you can of course visit including the Kings of Tombs as well as stunning natural sites such as the sea caves or Coral Bay. You can even search for property for sale in Paphos overlooking the sea caves in the stunning village, Peyia.



Many people dream of living by the sea. It’s actually been shown to help improve your health. You get to breathe in fresh air full of iodine, salt, and magnesium which is great for the immune system. Furthermore, you’re more likely to get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Not only does Paphos provide all this but you’ll also benefit from the Mediterranean sea which is very safe. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see sharks or rip currents in this part of the sea.


Paphos actually has one of the 4 international airports just outside town. You can also expect an easy bus route as well as friendly cab drivers. It’s worth bearing in mind the main transport routes when looking for property for sale in Paphos.


Whilst Paphos is smaller and calmer than Limassol, you still have a wide range of great restaurants, bars, and even a few nightclubs to choose from. You definitely won’t get bored and if you’re worried about the crazy party people then you can also view property for sale just outside town with easy walking distance.

Paphos District and its Villages

When looking for one property for sale in Paphos, make sure that you include the whole district in your search. This includes not just central Kato Paphos but also the picturesque surrounding villages. Examples include Kissonerga, Tremithousa, Tala, Chloraka, or the popular Universal. You can also search for a property for sale in the Aphrodite Hills where you’ll find some superb villa and bungalow options.

Schools and Amenities

Schools and Amenities

Another great advantage that Paphos offers is that you have several schools to choose from as well as a wide range of shops. In fact, you can expect all the advantages of the big city without the chaos and stress.

Outdoor Sport

Naturally, there are beautiful walks you can do throughout the region. Clearly, you can also do various watersports from water skiing to windsurfing. Nevertheless, most people don’t realize that Paphos is also an hour or so away from the Troodos Mountains where you can ski. How many people can boast skiing in the morning followed by sunbathing in the afternoon?

Final Thoughts on Why you should Consider Property for Sale in Paphos

Overall, Cyprus is a wise choice when it comes to property investment. All the benefits of a growth country on the Mediterranean can only make the value of your property go up. In the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle. So, why not start browsing through properties for sale in Paphos and see where it takes you?