Why Join an Herbalife Nutrition Club? See How Herbalife Empowers Customers with Knowledge

Nutritional education can come in the form of anything from reading labels to taking college classes. However, no matter how an individual chooses to learn, having insight into how to eat is critical to our everyday health.

Few companies know this better than Herbalife Nutrition, which recently won a “Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program” award in 2020 from the Brandon Hall Group. Here’s a look at what Herbalife has been doing and why Herbalife Nutrition Clubs have been such a positive force for change in so many people’s lives.

An Effective Mobile Learning App 

Interactive mobile apps have become very popular in the health industry as of late, giving people easy ways to check in with their bodies and assess how they’re progressing towards their larger goals. Herbalife Nutrition’s mobile-first app won the gold prize from the Brandon Hall Group because it recognizes that every journey toward health looks different based on the individual and what each person is looking for.

This app was created for the independent distributors of Herbalife who connect with the people in their community and make it easier to dispel the myths surrounding nutrition (and swap the falsehoods for useful information).

The Mission of an Herbalife Nutrition Club 

The first Herbalife Nutrition Club was started in Mexico in 2004 by a couple of distributors who noticed that their community could not afford purchasing the products in full. Large canisters available through Herbalife may last for quite a while, but they cost more upfront. As a result, the distributors found an economic way to serve healthy meals for their community: they set up a location where people could pay for single servings of a protein shake instead.

This innovative idea didn’t just give people an affordable way to try a protein shake, though. With this small change, people had an easy way to talk to both distributors and one another about everything, from personal weight challenges to finding solutions. It wasn’t long before a fitness element was added to the mix, tackling two major aspects of health in one convenient place.

This kind of formal and informal support turned out to be a much bigger benefit than the distributors anticipated. With more than 70,000 Herbalife Nutrition Clubs in the world today, they sparked a trend.

The Importance of Knowledge 

Information is everywhere today, with technology giving us all kinds of resources in the comfort of our homes. However, the information out there is not always presented helpfully. At times, it may even be outright misinformation. Because of many differing agendas, it’s become common to fall into traps that actively harm our overall wellness.

Herbalife Nutrition is committed to education by empowering its independent distributors and customers to come to their own conclusions. Through its clubs, app, and quality nutritional supplements, people have numerous ways to learn how to eliminate certain habits from their routine and form new ones to take their place.

The popular shakes and bars are meant to be a jumping-off point for customers. They give independent distributors an easy way to strike up relationships with people who just want to lead healthier lives. From there, everyone in the Herbalife community is encouraged to not only share individual challenges but also encourage others who are going through many of the same obstacles.

So many things can stand in the way of good health, including lack of access to healthy foods and general misunderstanding about the best way to eat. An Herbalife Nutrition Club is one platform that practically anyone can use to get the facts. It might be the first step, but it’s arguably the most important in the journey.