Why It’s Best To Use A Urostomy Bag Protection Belt

Urostomy is a surgery done on people with serious bladder issues and thus requires them to get a pouch attached to their stomach, usually, sometimes this surgery is permanent and they have to go around with this pouch for the rest of their lives while some are just for a couple of months. There are things to look out for when getting a urostomy bag protection belt.

A urostomy is an opening in the abdomen after surgery, this opening is where urine will pass through to leave your body, usually after bladder surgery, the urine flows from the kidney through the ureter, and an opening in the abdomen usually called a stoma. After a bladder surgery, you won’t be able to control the flow of your urine from your stoma which is why you would be required to wear a urostomy bag/appliance over your stomach, that would serve as your urine bag, this way your urine will be going directly into the pouch.

There are two types of urostomy

Standard urostomy: this bladder surgery process usually involves a piece of the small intestine being removed and then used to connect the ureters to the outside abdomen, this then allows the urine to flow through this process and flows out through the stoma into the urostomy pouch, this process is usually called an ileal conduit.

Continent urostomy: this process also involves a pouch but instead the pouch is connected to the stoma with the use of valves, it prevents the urine from flowing into the kidney. Then a catheter is inserted into the stoma in order to drain out the urine.

Urostomy bag protection belt

A Urostomy bag is usually used to collect urine after bladder surgery, after the surgery your urine will no longer be able to your bladder instead it goes outside your abdomen into your urostomy pouch through your stoma.

When using a urostomy pouch it is often advised to get a protection belt with it also, a urostomy bag is usually used to collect waste products like urine after surgery on the bladder, the bag is usually attached to the skin on the stoma.

Benefits of using a urostomy bag protection belt

A urostomy protection belt comes in various types, forms, textures, size, and shapes and it used to help protect the urostomy bag from various things like leakage and it protects it from your skin to avoid rashes, it also makes you comfortable, you won’t have to worry about your pouch moving around or leaking. A urostomy protection belly helps to attach your bag securely to your body, you just need to wrap it around your waist.


You have to learn how to take care of your urostomy pouch, know when to empty the content and how to change and clean up to prevent it from getting your stoma and kidney infected. Always make sure your urostomy bag protection belt is something you are comfortable in and can move freely without any slightest form of discomfort.