Why is Women’s Health Important?

Good health is not something either men or women should compromise. As much as women tend to have more state attention regarding their well-being, men’s health is of great concern. Investing in your health is investing in a healthy future. A woman investing in her health is also investing in her family’s overall health. That’s why women need to access OBGYN services at affordable rates.

A healthy woman is in a position of taking good care of herself, family members, and loved ones. It is no secret that women are key to ensuring good health for their children and loved ones. It begins with women being the health predictors of their children. From the moment they give birth to the time they start breastfeeding.

Although that is the case, most women are now busier (working moms) looking for ways to feed their families, and they tend to forget one of their essential priorities of ensuring their health. When comparing men to women, women spend most of their time at home with their children and ensuring their families are feeding well – eating a balanced diet and taking them for regular checkups. They also access health care centers more often compared to their spouses.

Since they are families’ caregivers, they influence the health of their entire family. And that makes them a government’s priority to ensure they are well taken care of and access to the best health care is given to them. A wealthy nation is a healthy nation, and that begins with women. And just before diving into this article, we take time to appreciate the many organizations that have formed to create awareness of men’s health and the importance of the health of both genders.

Read on to find out why women’s health is essential.

1. Women Live Longer

Since women live longer, their health is of concern compared to men with a short life span. On that same note, women have a higher chance of having disabilities and chronic health difficulties.

2. Lower-income Earners

Most women are staying-at-home moms. And most of the side hustles they run cannot fully cater to their medical insurance covers and health needs. Hence the reason why they require access to quality medical care near them. Most women are low-income earners compared to men, and therefore, they require more health care attention.

3. Women are Household Managers

Women manage their household from cooking to ensuring everyone in the family is in good health. In case a woman falls sick, she will not be able to run her family errands and safeguard the rest of the family from sickness.

4. A Woman’s Health Matters to Her Family and the Nation at Large

A healthier society begins with healthier women. Since women give birth to a nation, their health becomes a state priority. Ensuring women have access to the proper care and health conditions translates to improved family and societal health.

5. Women Undergo Unique Health Care Difficulties

According to a study, 133 million people have a chronic illness; 67 million people have two or more chronic diseases. 38% of the population are women, and they suffer from 2 or more chronic conditions. On the other hand, the percentage of men who suffer from chronic illness is 29% which translates to why women’s health is vital.

6. Women are Prone to Heart Attack Disease Compared to Men

Heart attacks may affect both men and women, but it is said to have a higher effect on women. It is also the leading cause of death among women, and thus, women must be well taken care of from the moment they are born. Because of the complex nature of women, a heart attack can hide in the body.

7. Depression and Anxiety Affect More Women Than Men

As for the Mayo Clinic findings, depression and anxiety affect one out of five women in their lives. Women can easily undergo depression and anxiety compared to men. Most women who experience this are between 20 and 60 years old.

8. Most Women Lack Medical Insurance Covers

The fact that most women are low-income earners, they end up not getting medical insurance. Most health conditions that affect women are challenging to manage if you have no medical insurance.

According to a survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, it found out that 56% of women did not get proper medical attention as required due to the charges, and 13% of the women with insurance received minimal care compared to those with insurance covers.