Why Home Brewed Beer Is Better Than Store-Bought

Is there anybody who doesn’t love a refreshing drink of beer to relax at the end of a tiring day? If there is something better than a beer, you brew a glass of beer at home. Have you ever considered brewing your beer and wondered if you should give it a shot? Well, think no further and give it a shot as beer enthusiasts worldwide would agree that home-brewed beer is better than store-bought. Read on to find out why it is so, and you would soon start brewing your beer too!



Once you start making beer at home, you would realize that you save a lot of money and get fresh beer any time you want. Unlike a few years ago, it is now easy to buy a beer-making kit online which comes with all the ingredients that you need to start brewing at your convenience.

These kits come at various price ranges, and you can decide upon them based on your budget. Beer kits are available for as little as 50 dollars a kit which could brew around eight 6 packs of beer. And that comes up to an effective cost of $6.25 a pack. Isn’t that reason enough to start brewing? If that doesn’t convince you, read on!


Did you know that beer is a rich source of antioxidants, proteins, Vitamin B, fiber, and silicon? This means consuming one or two glasses of beer a day could be healthy for you. But the key is to do it in moderation and not consume excessively. This benefit you could reap only from homebrew because the brewing practices of commercial breweries include filtering.

And when they filter it out to get rid of the haze, they also filter out the nutrients in the beer. At home, as you are in control of the taste, texture, and fineness of the beer, you can retain the nutrients by skipping the filtration process.

No More Hangovers

No More Hangovers

Shouldn’t this be the most compelling and important point? For most people, the dreadful part about having fun on Friday nights is the horrible hangover that comes on Saturday morning. This is because the store-bought beer does not have the nutrients that your homebrew has. When brewed at home, beer is rich in yeast and Vitamin B. Vitamin B, as everyone knows, is a great cure for hangovers.

So, with your beer having a hangover cure in it, you can drink to your heart’s content without dreading that hangover that would haunt you the whole day. If you are wondering why commercial beers lack Vitamin B the reason is simple, in the process of packaging, they pasteurize it besides filtering it. And this two-step process removes all traces of Vitamin B from your drink, leaving you with a recipe for a hangover!

These are just some of the many reasons to switch to homebrewing. What do you think? Are you all set to bring home a brewing kit and start making your own beer? Do share your thoughts in the comments section!