Why Every Work-At-Home Mom Should Take Lots Of Water

Due to the current world situation, more people are working from home. As a work-at-home mom, you are probably so busy with both work and kids that you forget to take care of yourself. Basic needs, such as drinking water, are forgotten. It is easy to fall out of daily habits due to your home’s comfort and the office’s hustle and bustle. It is easy to neglect essential self-care needs, such as staying hydrated. Drinking water has a lot of benefits, especially to new moms who breastfeed. It also allows one to think fast and clearly since it supports brain functions. It improves efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Continue reading to find out why every work-at-home mom should take a lot of water.

Benefits of Drinking water

 Water makes up 70% of the body weight. It has so many purposes for the body, which include;

  • Water improves brain function; hence, it makes one work efficiently and increases productivity while working at home.
  • For new moms who breastfeed, drinking lots of water ensures you have an adequate milk supply for your little champ.
  • It is essential during the digestion of foods. 
  • It helps cool off body temperatures through sweating.
  • It helps in controlling blood pressure.
  • It keeps skin moisturized and well-conditioned.
  • Dehydration can affect work performance and impair cognition functions.

How Do You Know You Are Well-Hydrated?

The first thing is to look for dehydration signs, which include a dry mouth, fatigue, constipation, and headaches. The color of your urine can also tell you if you need more water. If it is odorless and pale, it shows that you are hydrated. Slightly dark urine suggests you need a little bit more water. In the case where you excrete dark and strong-smelling urine, it shows that you are extremely dehydrated. Drink a few glasses of water, then continue like this for the rest of the day.

Tips To Make Sure That You Are Getting Enough Water

To ensure you drink an adequate amount of water, you must drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Many people find that drinking water is very hard. However, there are some tips you can follow so that you ensure you take adequate amount of water daily;

  • Set Goals– One easy way to get what you want is by having goals. When you set a goal, it is easier to achieve it. You can drink water at particular times, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure to set a realistic and attainable goal.
  • Set Alarms– A great technique to remember to take water is setting the alarm. If you are occupied with kids, work meetings, and chores all day, you can forget to take water. An alarm will instantly remind you of your daily water goals for the first few days. After that, it will become second nature.
  • Avoid sugary drinks- When hydrating, always drink water instead of sugary drinks. They do the opposite of what you expect them to do—they decrease the amount of fluid that the body retains. Tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks can also lead to dehydration.
  • Spice up your water– Water has no taste, and many people find it hard to keep drinking it. If you are one of these people, add some fruit to your water. You can add lime, mint, lemon, and even strawberries to give your water some flavor. These combinations will increase your water intake so that you stay hydrated.
  • Come up with a Game- You can sip water every time you do something you love or do regularly. It can help you reach your goals.
  • Switch unhealthy habits with water– Unhealthy habits such as excessive intake of beverages can keep you from getting hydrated. You can switch one cup of coffee a day with water and continue until you reach your hydration goals. As stated before, if you feel water has no flavor, add a slice of fruit.
  • You can set up water delivery- To ensure that you always have adequate and clean water, you can call up water delivery companies that also install and maintain filtration systems. They deliver water to your door and ensure you have fresh and great tasting water.
  • As much as you want to stay hydrated, you have to ensure that you clean up on the outside too. Showering can leave you refreshed and relaxed. If you like hot showers, look up water heaters from showerinsider.com to get a variety to choose from.


Staying hydrated does not have to be challenging while working from home. Being a working mom is not easy, but remember that you have to take care of yourself to take care of others. Depending on your preference, follow the tips that ensure that you stay hydrated. It will help you stay productive, along with other benefits.