Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?


Nurses play an essential role in the health industry as they’re responsible for their patients to get the proper care they need according to their condition. With that, they need to move around as much as possible, and it’ll be helpful if they can serve their patients without any restraints on their uniforms.  

A couple of years ago, a nurse’s uniform was all-white apparel as it symbolizes cleanliness and care. While they can genuinely be neat to look at, they’re not the comfiest clothing they need to fit well, thus the evolution of scrubs.  

Scrubs are widely popular in the healthcare industry, and you might be wondering why. There’s a ton of great story behind it, and it exceeds more than just comfort and fantastic design.  


One of the best ways how nurses describe their scrubs is comfortability. Unlike the traditional all-white uniform, they can quickly move as the scrubs’ fit are lightweight, allowing them to move in any position that they’d like.  

There are plenty of women’s scrub pants that can provide the maximum comfort that everyone wishes. In this way, they can quickly run to emergencies without their tight pants or skirts blocking their movements.  

Easier Access 

Nurses usually need to bring plenty of stuff with them. They need to carry their pen, phones, timers, and other essentials every time they visit a patient or move around the hospital. With scrubs, they can put everything right in their pockets without having to worry about their movements.  

Unlike with other uniforms, if they need to carry plenty of stuff with them, they might need to wear a body bag to bring everything they need on duty. But with scrubs, their worries are gone as they can just reach deep in their pockets, and they can quickly grab their pens in a matter of seconds. 

Safe and Sanitary 

As people manufacture scrubs, they don’t just pull out a cute fabric and cut and sew it into a scrub. Medical scrub uses a material with antimicrobial properties, which allows the nurses and the patients to be safe.  

Fabric is a virus magnet as it could easily attach to the tiny fibers and jump from one to another, making the people transmit the virus. With a scrub, the virus may have a slight chance of grabbing onto the fabric, making the nurse and the patient that tend to be safe.  

Apart from those, a scrub would also be catching every contaminant that may spill on the clothing. With that, every scrub needs to be thoroughly cleaned with high temperatures, allowing you to remove every possible virus and disease.  

Depending on the design and color of the scrub, nurses can quickly identify which kind of contaminant has affected their scrub so they could provide appropriate cleaning and care.  

Provides Extended Protection 

Since scrubs come with pants, you can guarantee every part of their lower body will be covered and protected from any possible spills from your patient or anything medical-related.  

Depending on how they’d like to wear their scrubs, they could also choose to wear long sleeves underneath to keep every part of their exposed skin to be protected.  

Easier Identification  

Depending on the hospital, there are usually color codes about which colors a nurse, doctor, or another medical professional should wear. You can expect in the pediatrician department that the nurses would be wearing bright and colorful patterns so kids won’t be afraid about the hospital environment.  

You can expect nurses to be wearing a single solid color for easier identification in an emergency setting. In that way, patients wouldn’t have any trouble identifying which one they should consult about the situation of their health or their companion’s.

Scrubs Are Cheaper 

One of the favorite things nurses love about wearing scrub is that they’re cheaper than traditional all-white uniforms.  

The reason why scrubs are inexpensive is to allow for easier disposal in case you damaged your scrub, and thoroughly cleaning them might not be the best option. Along with this, if you’d like to increase your scrub apparel in your home, you can easily purchase and add more as they won’t cause a burden in your pockets.  

There are plenty of stores online the sells quality and affordable scrubs which allows you to have various design according to your comfortability and personality.  

Protects Clothing 

Since a nurse will only be needing to wear scrubs while on duty, they don’t have to worry about ruining their clothing, especially when in contact with a patient.  

With a scrub, they can allow every contaminant to go through the scrub without harming their personal clothing and skin. Along with this, if the scrub is contaminated, you can easily clean it even with harsh chemicals. They’re capable of handling solid materials to allow for better protection and cleanability.  

How to Find the Right Scrub? 

Nurses Wear Scrubs

With the numerous stores that offer quality scrubs, you might be wondering which one would best fit you. While the cute patterns you see sound inviting, you need to check first with the company policy to allow other scrubs within their facility. In this way, you can avoid any possible violation with the hospital. 

Moreover, listed below are the simple ways on how you can find the proper scrub:  

  • Check the Number of Pockets 

Not all scrubs are the same. Some can only offer two pockets, while others can be up to 11 pockets; before you decide which one you’d like to have, identify the need for numerous pockets and see which one you need.  

For the best option, it’ll be great if you could go with a pocket higher than your usual just in case you needed to carry more on a specific day. 

  • Verify the Colors 

Depending on the hospital you’re working in, some may require you only to wear plain or patterned scrubs for easier identification. To avoid returns, identify with the company policy and see which colors they can only allow you to wear inside their facilities. 

  • Perfect Fitting  

Most scrubs are loose for comfortability and flexibility with any movement you wish to do. Before you purchase any scrub, verify the size first and see if they’re flexible enough for you. You should fit first with the store and see if it’s comfortable sufficient for you. 

If you’re buying online, check in with the measurements and compare them to your current scrubs, and see which one would be perfect for you.  


In the modern world today, most medical professionals are wearing scrubs to provide good comfort and protection to them and the patient. The benefits of wearing one are endless, and they just can’t get over how beautiful they are as they can also provide easier access to their stuff without the need to bring a bag.  

When you purchase a scrub, ensure first with the company policy if they allow outside scrubs and if they require a specific color and pattern you could wear inside their facility. In that way, you can avoid having any violations, putting your career at risk. You’d be surprised that not only nurses can wear scrubs, but anyone from a healthcare provider