Why do I need to hire a bail agent?

A bail bond agent can either be an individual or corporation that aids defendants in getting out of jail through posting the bond set on their behalf while requiring the defendant to cater a small percentage of the amount. This would enable the defendant to be free while the court determines their case. If you’ve been arrested in Connecticut, for example, you can seek the help of the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group to assist you in paying the bond. This guide strives to help you understand the benefits of hiring a bail agent.

Lower Your Bail Amount

People seek bail agents’ help because they lack enough upfront money required to post bail. High costs are usually associated with felony charges as bails for such crimes are higher. However, hiring a bail agent would enable you to be free while waiting for your trial. You can then plead your case in court without being restricted in your movements. It is easier to get bailed out using this method than going through the court on your own, and it helps defendants save as much as they can for a defense in court.

Keep Your Financial Matters Private

If you decide to pay for bail yourself, the court would want to know the sources of those finances. This may be a problem, especially if you were involved or suspected of being involved in a financial crime or issue. To keep your financial life private, a bail bond would pay the fees while you only cater up to 10% of the total amount. In most cases, the court wouldn’t be interested in how you managed to get that 10%.

Gets You Home Fast

Some arrested individuals may qualify for Own Recognizance(OR)  which allows them to be released from jail without bail money. However, this regulation is only permitted under certain circumstances, such as if the crime committed was non-violent or the defendant has a good criminal history. However, if you don’t qualify for OR, you may have to pay bail money for release, and since many people can’t afford the full amount, a bail bond agent is your best option to get you home fast.

Bail Bond Agents Take the Responsibility

Suppose your loved one was arrested, and you decide to pay for their bail money. In that case, you would assure the court and assume responsibility for the defendant’s court hearing attendance. However, if you fail to adhere to such responsibilities, you forfeit your bail money. On the other hand, if you engage the services of bail bond agents, they will take full responsibility. Since they’re a licensed individual or corporation, they’re obligated to find the accused if they run away or hide.

They Have Experience and Knowledge

A bail agent has ample experience in handling bail cases, and their knowledge often saves clients from losing money in this situation. They can answer any questions you may have about the bond process and guide you on every step to take towards your release. Furthermore, they handle all the paperwork involved with your release.

Is a Bail Bond Agent Worth It?

Yes, they are! With the benefits mentioned earlier, hiring a bail bond agent is worth it. However, it is advisable to do some verification before working with anyone to avoid getting scammed or losing cash in any situation. Ensure they are a licensed and reputable corporation. On the other hand, if you decide to pay for someone else’s bail, be sure to pick someone you trust entirely and one who is ready to take responsibility before a court.

What You Should Know Before Hiring

Before you hire a bail bond agent, read the contract closely. Find out whom the company represents. You probably have many questions about your loved one’s case and how they work with clients, but don’t get ahead of yourself. You can’t know every detail about the case until you’ve had enough time to review it properly. You should also know that a bail agent does not represent you, nor your case. They are an employee of the bail bond company. So, if you have questions about the company’s policies or procedures, they are not legally bound to answer.

You also have rights as a client that a bail agent cannot violate. For example, they are not allowed to add any additional fees or rates without your approval, post the bond in a location other than the one you chose, or take any money while you’re incarcerated.

Don’t Be Alone

The entire process ranging from getting arrested to getting out of jail, can be a stressful and tiresome experience. To avoid being jailed for lack of bond money, you will need someone who can handle such situations to walk you through them; you need a bail bond agent. Time is of the essence, especially for felony charges that attract high bail bond amounts. So ask for that phone call and reach out to the company for assistance.