Why Custom Badges Make Great Party Giveaways

If you’re planning a party, you’re probably browsing for the most practical party giveaways for your guests. After all, this has been a practice for many cultures worldwide. There’s great satisfaction in expressing your gratitude towards your guests’ presence by giving them a gift or souvenir.

Fortunately, no matter what kind of occasion or event you’re hosting, there are numerous party giveaway options you can choose from. But if you’ve already exhausted common giveaway ideas such as personalized and tote bags before, it’s time to explore a more atypical gift idea. For instance, you should check out Make Badges’ range of custom badges. It is a unique giveaway that your guests will surely love.

Here are more reasons why custom badges are great party giveaways.

1. Great Novelty Mainstays

Novelty items have been considered great gift ideas simply because they’re light-hearted gifts that fit almost any recipient. They’re unique and fun and always successfully get the receiver’s attention. You can customize these badges according to your guest’s personality. After the party, your guests can attach these badges to their bags, shirts, and jeans. They can also place them on laptops, caps, etc.

People of all ages adore custom badges because they’ve become novelty items. Whether they love collecting badges or want to display them in their belongings, custom badges are great party giveaways that can be useful to any guest. The uniqueness of badges makes them great party souvenirs for any occasion. It is excellent for a kid’s birthday party or even an adult one’s.

2. Unique And Fun

Custom button badges are a great alternative to traditional souvenir items like mugs, pens, or printed shirts. If you’ve already recycled such gift ideas in the past, it’s time to take a break from them. You can opt for custom badges as they are unique and fun. They can be printed in different colors and designs, and you can also sew them on clothes, depending on the material you use. You can also choose from various shapes, pins, and fittings.

Because of their uniqueness, they can be great conversation starters during the party. People can get to know one another and make small talk based on the souvenir items given out during the party. It is a fantastic giveaway idea, particularly for large parties encouraging people to socialize and network. It is also one reason many large corporations use badges as promotional merchandise. They can effectively drive customers and generate buzz for their business.

3. Memorable Item

Memorable Item  

Badges can deliver any message or vision that you want to share. If you want your guests to remember the event you’re hosting, giving them custom badges is an excellent giveaway idea. In the future, they’ll be reminded about how much fun they had when they attended your party.

They can easily visit down memory lane when they see the badge on their bag, hat, or anything they own. Considering these badges are durable and long-lasting, the memories that come with them are also easily retained and remembered. The idea is to leave a positive impression on the person you give a custom badge to by customizing them. The impact of a tangible gift connecting to the present occasion makes it effective for the recipient to be reminded of that specific memory.

4. Used As Fashion Accessories

Another reason to go for badges as party giveaways is that they’re practical and stylish. In fact, people love using them as fashion accessories. As mentioned earlier, custom badges can be sewn into clothes, depending on the material of your badge. It could be an embroidered patch that is perfect for your personality. With creativity and personal style, button pins can elevate their jackets, pants, shirts, or shoes. All you need to do is to learn how to sew on a patch, and you’re good to go.

You can add any graphic, picture, text, image, or logo with badges you want. Offer your guests a variety of designs to choose from during your party, so they can find the best one that fits their personality and preference.

5. Light And Portable

It is easy to carry button badges because they are usually flat, lightweight, and portable. No matter where you’re holding your party, you don’t have to worry about your giveaways consuming space for your event. You can simply allocate one table and display everything there. Unlike bulkier merchandise like mugs and shirts, badges are easy to transport and arrange during the party.

They can easily be distributed to all of your guests. Not to mention, they also look beautiful and unique when you compile the different designs on a frame as a display in your souvenir booth. This is a unique giveaway concept that your guests will surely enjoy.


If you’re looking for a fun and unique party giveaway idea, it’s time to go try out custom badges. Take a pause on giveaways like mugs, printed shirts, or tote bags as party souvenirs. With all the reasons stated above, your guests will indeed find custom badges more valuable and fun than any other souvenir idea.