Why Convert a Website to an App?

Long gone are the days when everyone wanted a website for themselves. Today everyone wants a mobile app. We see that more and more people want to convert a website into a mobile application for iOS or Android. If you think it is very long and costly, we can help you.

Smartphones are the present and future of technology

By the end of 2020, it is projected that there will be 6.1 billion smartphones in use worldwide.

These numbers represent a huge segment (over 70%) of the projected world population, and they will all be using mobile-enabled devices over the next five years.

From alarms and social media to tracking your fitness and reading the news, virtually everything you do on your smartphone happens in the app. In fact, since 2014, mobile users have spent 86% of their time on apps.

So when we say that 70% of the world will soon be using smartphones, we mean that 70% of the world will soon be using apps on a daily (if not hourly) basis. It doesn’t even take tablet usage into account.

The trend is clear: mobile apps are on the rise

Application puts your site in front of potential and current users

The app’s visibility is twofold:

1. First, having an app on the market can help to expand your audience.

Almost all mobile apps are purchased and downloaded through the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and Google Play (Android). Placing your app in only these two stores makes your brand available to millions of users.

2. Secondly, once the application is loaded, it becomes part of the user’s everyday visibility.

Think about how often you scroll through your apps. You may not use every app every day, but you see its icon every time you pass it. This acquaintance, even if it is subconscious, is a powerful tool for keeping your brand in the line of sight of your audience.

App allows your audience to enjoy (and share) your content.

App availability is a key factor in their success. Opening a window, remembering an address, and entering it creates a barrier of time and effort that keeps many people back.

Users do not want to go to the browser again and enter the address of your site or use bookmarks!

With the app, this “hemorrhoid” is not required; your content is right there, literally at your fingertips.

Apps also make sharing easier. Good apps will be optimized to work with other popular apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Having the app will allow your users to submit your content to their social networks and other contacts, driving more traffic and new users to your site.

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Having a mobile program makes you stand out

Create a mobile app from the site to stand out from the crowd. We can say that applications are today where websites were 20 years ago. Nobody, in principle, writes articles about why you need a website or blog. It has become a common part of doing business in the modern era. Thousands of tools and templates are now available to help even the most tech-savvy people build their WordPress site.

Apps, however, are still in the early stages of becoming the norm in business. Turning your WordPress (or other engine) website into an app will put you ahead of your competition.

Why? It enhances your brand and adds unique value to your site, while enhancing the experience of your readers. Do you have a website? This is why you should be thinking about an application.

Apps increase audience engagement and retention

Every business is built on the connection between you and your client.

And what drives this valuable connection in the smartphone age? Of course, push notifications. This is better than any other communication method currently available.

Push notifications are one of the most valuable mobile app tools with a 90% open rate. With push notifications, you can inform your users about updates and special features, or send your own messages.

These reminders keep your brand fresh in the minds of your audience, leading to repeat visits and increased engagement. Hooray!

Apps bring you closer to your audience

Convert website to app for a personalized user experience. Where the website is global, the application is local. It is stored on the smartphone of a specific person with the corresponding data, settings and login information.

Apps can track and remember human interactions and settings, allowing the user to get the most out of their machine. This, in turn, can increase their personal satisfaction with your brand and your website – a key catalyst for their loyalty.

When do I need to create an application?

If you have ever come across website development, you should understand what users need. Most often, they come because of the content or functionality of the resource: visitors want to buy something, comment or learn. In the case of mobile applications, everything is the same – customers are looking for information or make purchases.

If you have experience in website development, then you should understand when it is done by hand. This usually happens due to the lack of money for professional specialists. In such cases, entrepreneurs try to understand systems such as WordPress, Joomla and others. With a good script, this makes good resources that were made without the involvement of specialists. It’s the same with apps for mobile devices – you can spend a lot of money on professional specialists or do it yourself. In the first case, of course, the best result will come out, but for novice businessmen there is nothing better than saving money.

Here are some more cases where self-development of an application would be appropriate:

  • If customers need a simple program for smartphones and tablets. In this case, converting a site into an application is suitable – you can do it yourself, without the involvement of specialists.
  • If an app based on a template suits your target audience, then go for it.
  • If your business is fully offline and does not require an application connection yet. In this case, a large field for experimentation is open for you – you can try to create your own application with any functionality, the poor performance of which will not affect your business in any way.
  • Even professional developers are not always fast. The process will take a long time and you will always be completely dependent on them. Anything that happens – there is always an extra charge for it. When working with a designer, you can fix everything yourself or contact technical support.

You may find your own reason why you want to create an application. If you have this reason, let’s go further and do it.


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