Why Charter Schools Are the Way Of the Future

Are you a working parent determined to give your child the best education you can?

Do you live in an area where public schools have a bad reputation, yet lack the big budget needed for private tuition?

What if there was a third way? What if there was an option with the best of public and private schooling? Would that reach the high expectations you have for your child?

Charter schools are this third way. Let’s learn why charters are the education system of the future and an ideal choice for working parents who want the best for their kids.

Charters Are Private Schools With Public Funding

So how does a school manage to blend the best of both the public and private models? According to the National Charter School Resource Center, charters are both publicly accountable and autonomous.

This means the state pays them–you do not need to pay any tuition whatsoever!– and yet they do not need to answer to the bloated, inefficient local government responsible for your public school’s bad reputation.

Charter schools govern according to their charter, which functions as a sort of constitution or governing document.

This charter lays out how the school will be run, and if it is found to violate its own charter then they’re disciplined.

Charter Schools Have a Motivation to Do Well

If a charter school does not perform well, the state retains the right to shut it down.

This is a big contrast with public schooling– in a public school, teachers and administrators who do a bad job may remain protected by teacher’s unions and the slow-moving bureaucracy. A charter school functions more like a private job, where an employee who performs poorly gets fired.

In addition to this motivation, because charter schools run independently of the local government, different charters can compete with each other for students. Better charters are in higher demand from parents, which leads to increased attendance and tax dollars, which motivates other charters to step it up.

This charter school is a great resource for a parent wondering what one of these high-performance schools look like.

Charter Schools Give Parents Choice

Because teachers have so much more freedom in a charter school, families have a greater range of choices.

Instead of simply being assigned a school in the county or district your child lives in, charter schools allow parents a wider range of choices.

Charters Innovate

Teachers may be trained differently at charters. Personalized, high-tech learning strategies may be tested out. Because there is less red tape, a charter is free to innovate in education.

Many of today’s popular learning techniques were first created in charters.

Charters Are the Way of the Future

Charter schools provide greater flexibility, creativity, and accountability for parents. Choosing a charter for your child says you’re interested in their emotional, social well-being as well as their academics.

Don’t delay! Do your research and sign your child up for a charter school.