Why Are Road Accidents So Common?

The number of people involved in road accidents is growing by the day. Most of these accidents are caused by our errors yet environmental factors contribute to a considerable number of them. Driving safely is in everyone’s best interests. Irresponsible driving is not only a risk to your life but also the other road users. However, regardless if you follow all the traffic laws or not, being involved in an accident is not entirely in your control as there are other reckless road users.

As a driver, you have to be alert and aware of your surroundings while driving and watch out for anything that happens on the road. But, what makes the accidents so common and how can we prevent them from happening?

Road safety is a collective responsibility as accidents can be fatal, and can happen to anyone. These four most common causes of road accidents will give you a better insight into the driving habits on the road and how these habits can easily take life away.

Drunk Driving

What’s a better way of spending your weekend evenings than taking a beer or two with your friends? Generally, most people want to have fun after a long working week. However, if you know you are drunk, it is extremely dangerous to you and other road users if you try to drive yourself home. It is irresponsible to drive while drunk.

You may have been driving while drunk for a while now but that doesn’t mean it is any less risky. In fact, it is a serious crime that is not worth the risk while you can take a convenient option like a cab home. The law might not catch up with your drunken driving habits but it is vital you understand the level of risk you are exposing yourself and other road users to.

When under the influence of alcohol, your senses might not be as sharp and your judgment might be not at its best. Therefore, every road user needs to be a responsible drinker and especially a responsible driver.

Poor Road Lighting

The number of road accidents happening at night when it’s pitch dark is increasing. This is why street lights are an important element in a safe road or highways at night. With low visibility at night, safe driving is greatly compromised even with the use of headlights.

Naturally, most drivers expect the highways, and indeed all roads to be adequately lit at night. Driving in poorly lit areas increases the chances of an accident happening and depending on where the accident occurred, several parties might be responsible in making the roads safer and well lit. These parties could be liable for the damages caused. As such, people driving at night are encouraged to be more alert of their surroundings.

The most disproportionately affected drivers are new drivers on a road especially Uber and Lyft drivers. These drivers make their way to relatively new roads and areas as they pick their clients and may not be well familiar with the road to drive at night. In fact, many Uber accidents occur at pickup points or on poorly-lit roads. In essence, these statistics point out at a possibility that these accidents could be significantly reduced by making the roads well-lit. Should the street lights of the road you’re passing by be not sufficient, ensure you drive with your full lights on to have a clear view of the way, and be aware of the surroundings.

Over Speeding

We are living in a fast-paced era. People are seeking ways to achieve things faster and indeed get to their destination as fast as they can. This is especially common for people running late or weekend drives when the roads are traffic free. In fact, over speeding is the leading cause of collisions on the highways.

Remember, you will get to your destination even if you drive slower. It is tempting to do high speeds on the highway but consider the risk you put yourself in and other road users. Always, drive within the acceptable and manageable speed limits. As much as you can, avoid switching lanes at high speed. Don’t be too aggressive on the roads.


Rain can drastically change the driving conditions by reducing traction, reducing visibility, or worse, hiding large potholes. But it is hard to avoid driving in the rain. If waiting for the rain to subside isn’t an option, you should exercise great caution while driving in the rain.

Maintain low speeds and give way to anyone that wants to go at a faster speed. Additionally, it is critical to avoid driving through pools of water especially on roads you’re not well familiar with.

Just because you are a responsible driver doesn’t mean everyone else is. Nevertheless, avoid these common road accident triggers to increase your chances of arriving alive.