Why Are Cats So Popular and Why You Should Get One Too

These purring soft-coated felines are one of the cutest pets one can ever own. They’re easy maintenance, sensitive, inviting, loyal, and very adorable. When one has a cat as a pet, they have a full-time company even if they live alone. 

A cat is lovely, and their company satiates the loneliest of persons. There are many reasons why a cat is the most popular pet in many households. Below are some of these reasons;

1. Easy Maintenance

Space-wise, cats do not need much space. They love to be where their owner is. Be it on the bed, couch, carpet, or the laps of the owner. Anywhere, so long as it’s comfortable, a cat is OK with it. It’s not surprising to find a cat resting on top of a microwave in the kitchen. A cat, interestingly, co-owns the place with the owner. 

2. They are Quite Affordable

Among the first things you ought to consider when it comes to owning a pet is the initial cost of having one. From the cost of adopting or buying from a breeder and the diet, these are the many factors you have to consider.

As compared to other pets, cats are quite affordable. The fact that they are independent and don’t need any special housing means that you don’t have to spend much on them. 

The initial cost of acquiring one is dependent on how you acquire the pet. Adapting it from a shelter is cheap, and the fantastic thing is that the cat will have already been chipped and vaccinated. If you click here, you will learn that some breeds are quite expensive to acquire. Therefore, if you are looking for some unique breed, you should be willing to spend a fortune. 

Among other things, you should consider acquiring for your pet include toys, as cats like playing. Also, some treats and a proper diet are highly recommended for healthy growth. Get the best cat water fountain you can. A litter box is also a must-have for your home.

3. Naturally Clean

kitten playing

Naturally, cats are very clean animals. They spend endless hours self-grooming and will never lie in a dirty place. It’s rare to find a cat that is unkempt as they love themselves to bits. They are very refined and careful as they walk around. 

Unlike other pets, such as dogs, cats rarely need a bath as they’re never smelly. This neatness makes them safe to have around, also suitable pets for indoor keeping.  

4. Provides Protection against Pests

Among the many benefits of owning a cat is that your house will never have pests as it will get rid of them. Cats are natural predators to rodents. Their stealthy and hunting nature, which some are extremely good at, enables them to get the pests from their well-hidden places. 

Dangerous and creepy intruders such as snakes can never coexist in the same environment with these fluffy felines. A cat can get the snake from wherever it is holed up. Interestingly, the owner might not be aware there are pests in the house until the cats get them out.  

5. Cats are Quite Adaptable 

Cats do not need outdoor places to play at. They’re content to be indoors. This makes it possible to keep a cat in an apartment. In some places where pets are not allowed, cats will be an exemption. Their presence is never a bother to a neighborhood. Their loyalty and priority are with their owner. Cats enjoy bond time with their owners. This character is also good since it protects the cats from external predators.

6. Cats are Very Beautiful to Have Around  

Cats are magnificent animals to look at. Their quiet purrs are also soothing. Different breeds come with other characters and appearances that are striking. Their eyes, coat colors, body sizes, and habits are fascinating to observe. 

Can you imagine being the owner of the snow-white, pink-eyed cat Khao Manee breed, for example? Or any other of these exquisite breeds? That would be lovely as they’re so adorably cute.  

7. Cats are Quiet and Independent

cat staring

Do you know it’s possible to own a cat and no one in the neighborhood gets to know? Do you also know that you can leave a cat unattended for a couple of days, and it will be safe?

Cats are very quiet. Even when they need attention and meow, their cry will still be bearable. It wouldn’t bother an entire neighborhood. Likewise, cats are very independent. They do not need to have someone tend to them at every moment. One can go away for an entire weekend, and the cat will still be fine. A cat does not cause disturbance as a dog would. 

Therefore, to safely conclude, there are many good reasons why cats are the most kept pets in households. They are easy to maintain, are clean, and beautiful to have around. They are as well independent and have no attachment issues. This makes them suitable to have. They also give their owners loyal companionship. Could this be the reason why spinsters are said to have a penchant for cats? I do not know.