Why a Maltipoo is a great dog for a growing family

So, you’re looking to extend your family by adopting or buying a pet – the real question is, what kind of animal will best fit with your lifestyle? Choosing the right type of pet is crucial to your life, your happiness, and the happiness of the pet you decide on. Ensure whatever breed you select is happy in their new home, and you enjoy being this new pet’s owner.

Hand-picking a new canine comes down to what kind of personality you are looking for, the ‘work’ required with this new pet, the type of living environment you have, and how much time you want to train and be with this new addition to your home.

Let’s see why deciding on adding the man’s best friend to your household is a great decision for you, your family, and the special canine.

Why should I adopt a dog?

When buying or adopting a dog, there are many benefits to choosing adoption. You are making a money-smart and moral decision that will benefit the life of a helpless animal. Let’s see why you should browse your local shelter before buying a purebred from an expensive pet store. Who knows, you might find the perfect Maltipoo puppy!

  • You can save a life – adopting an adorable puppy from an animal shelter means giving it a second chance at life. For dogs that have been given up or abandoned due to a careless owner, adopting a forgotten canine is an admirable thing to do.
  • Avoid pet overpopulation – there are not enough houses and owners for animals born every year, meaning that millions of dogs are sent to kill shelters. Prevent the euthanization of dogs by adopting adorable Maltipoo puppies, Golden Retrievers, or Labradors from your local shelter.
  • Stop helping mass breeding facilities – there are thousands of pet-breeding facilities and unlawful breeders who produce millions of animals. Typically referred to as ‘puppy mills,’ these horrible places make dogs spend their entire lives in cages without a loving owner. By adopting at a shelter, you can prevent the feeding of cruel places.
  • Adopt an older animal – Maybe you find an older Maltipoo or Dachshund sitting by themselves in their cage, tired from old age. Adopting an older dog gives a loving and sweet dog home for the last few years of their life while avoiding the crazy and destructive ‘puppy phase.’
  • Benefit from shelter resources – when you adopt a dog, you can benefit from using the resources provided at a shelter to obtain the correct information for your specific dog breed.
  • Choose from a selection of animals – when browsing through a shelter, you will find a range of dog breeds, from Pitbulls to Maltipoo puppies.
  • Support a charity – every city, town, and community in America should have an animal shelter. When you adopt a dog from a local shelter, you are helping a non-profit organization to continue the admirable work of saving animals.
  • Pay less for your new pup – adopting at the shelter is usually much less expensive than buying and hand-selecting a purebred dog from a producer.

Why should I adopt a Maltipoo?

So, you have decided to go the adoption route – but what breed works best for your lifestyle? We have an adorable and friendly dog breed that is widely loved all over the world – the Maltipoo.

The Maltipoo is a cross between the Maltese and Miniature Poodle, being very small in size and stature. This tiny dog is the perfect size for cuddling and bringing along on your adventures in a small bag. Similar to their parent breeds, Maltipoos are affectionate, loving, gentle, and considerate, making the ideal choice for those who want someone to watch TV with at night.

Usually referred to as ‘designer’ dogs, since they are purposely bred, these pups are sometimes more expensive than ‘mutts.’ However if you search your local adoption shelter, you may find a Maltipoo who has been put up for adoption at a lower price.

Maltipoo Personality

When looking at the dog-specific features of the Maltipoo, this breed sheds very little, making it a good choice for those who want to find a hypoallergenic dog. In addition, a Maltipoo is active, fun-loving, and personable, making it a great choice for those who want to balance going for a walk with lounging on the couch.

If you are a new dog owner, adopting a Maltipoo can be the best first step. Since the Maltipoo is easy to train and a quick learner, they can adapt to their environment with very little hassle. This ease of learning makes the Maltipoo a safe choice for older people who want a companion, children taking care of their first dog, or those who want a relaxed and easy-going dog.

Maltipoo care

To best teach your kids how to care for your Maltipoo, you need to keep certain things in mind when going over the basics. Maltipoos love people and should live inside with their owners, never outside in a cage, kennel, or outdoor dog house at all times of the day. They are very small and have no problem living in a tiny apartment, as long as you stay committed with daily walks.

The Maltipoo is known for its intelligence, and can quickly adapt to new environments, learn training tools, and pick up on positive reinforcement methods when learning new skills.

Furthermore, the Maltipoos are active and require daily exercise, whether it be walking or going to the dog park, to remain healthy and happy in their new home. If your family does not take care of the Maltipoo and forgo walks, you will soon find your new puppy is destructive, irritable, and barking excessively.


Choosing the right puppy for your family is an important decision in ensuring your new family member will seamlessly fit right in. The Maltipoo is an easy-going, active, fun-loving, and affectionate dog that is a good choice for first-time dog owners, children, and older people alike.