Why a Ductless Mini-split Heating and Cooling System Makes Sense for Your ADU over Other Options

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are growing in popularity. People are building extra spaces from their garages or additional attachments to their houses for renting out or serving as guest houses. Even though an ADU is smaller than a house, it takes a great deal when building. One of the essential factors to consider when building your ADU is heating and cooling. Some places have unbearable weather conditions, which makes air conditioning a must. Unfortunately, your existing HVAC may not be able to handle the extra space, meaning you have to look for another option to heat and cool our ADU.

Going for a ductless mini split is one of the most effective choices for keeping your Accessory Dwelling Unit comfortable. It is popular in ADUs and can serve larger spaces. The best thing about this option is that it does not require ducts, making it a perfect choice for conversion or when you have limited space for installing the duct system.

Most spaces while installing the ADU require a solution to cooling, heating and ensuring air quality is at its best. Therefore, there are several options to pick but, there are reasons why the ductless mini-split is one of the best HVAC options for ADUs. One major benefit is that it pumps heat from the inside and outside, unlike air conditioning which forces air out only. Furthermore, instead of having two individual units for cooling and heating, you get the satisfaction of maintaining a single unit that combines cooling and heating. This in turn makes mini-splits effective and efficient while minimizing extra costs such as utility expenses in the ADU.

The following are reasons why the ductless mini split is the best and most convenient option for heating and cooling your ADU:

Easy to Install

Installing a duct system takes a lot of time and space. Furthermore, it requires expertise, which can take weeks to complete. You will need extra space that includes patching the walls and ceilings. On the other hand, a ductless mini-split option is the best since it does not require a duct system. You don’t have vents running throughout the room, which makes installation easy and less messy. You may only need a small hole to run the small pipes, and that’s it.


Operating ductless systems take up less energy compared to other options. It focuses on improving air quality in a specific area, meaning there will be n energy waste. If your ADU has several rooms, using the ductless mini-split system ensures you only heat and cool the occupied rooms. Another perk of this system is that it qualifies for a rebate. When you install an energy-efficient option, the utility company can offer a refund for the initial cost of installing the system.


Some properties may restrict air conditioning installation on additional structures like an ADU. This makes the ductless mini-split system the best option because of its flexibility. You can replace it for your whole house or use it for the extra structure without issues.

Improved Air Quality

Another great thing about the ductless system is that you don’t need to hire a professional to clean the air ducts. It has a multi-stage and inbuilt filtration. Therefore, you cannot experience allergy issues.

Environmental Friendly

Everyone today is looking for ways to reduce carbon footprint by going for environmental-friendly options. Hence, the ductless mini-split system is the best choice since it has zero ozone depletion. The ductless system has an R410A refrigerant with no potential to harm the environment.

Final Words

From the point above, you can see that a ductless mini-split system is the perfect option for heating and cooling your ADU. Whether you want an energy-efficient option, improved air quality, flexibility, saving, or environmental-friendliness, the ductless system is the way to go.