Why A Daily Planner Is A Must-Have For Busy Moms

In this digital day and age, having a physical daily planner may seem like a thing of the past. However, the abundance of various types of planners in stores proves that the demand for them is still there. While some prefer to take notes on their mobile phones, many still find writing on a physical planner more effective. After all, daily planners are a gateway to better time management, increased productivity, and improved memory retention.

For busy moms, the latter can be a better choice. Your daily planner can be a simple notebook or a fancy journal. Whichever you wind up using, keeping a daily planner can create a sense of structure in your day.

If you’re still not convinced, read on to know why you need to buy daily planner for 2023.

1. It Helps You Set Achievable Goals

Daily planners are often laid out with hourly divisions. This is a very effective way to help you set achievable goals. It’s normal for moms to want to do as much as they can throughout the day, but even super moms are only human beings; there are limitations to what they can do in a day.

One of the reasons you may feel you aren’t getting anything done is that your to-do list is always very long to the extent of being unrealistic. Starting your day becomes tedious when your chores or errands always get carried over to the next day.

With a daily planner, you can organize all your tasks in hourly slots to be certain that they will all be accomplished by the end of the day. Because each task is assigned with a corresponding time frame, there’s no overdoing it. Your to-do list becomes realistic and doable.

2. It Minimizes The Likelihood Of Forgetting Something

In many instances, moms tend to become forgetful due to the quantity of their tasks. Jumping from one errand to the next through the hustle and bustle of life can oftentimes be overwhelming, thereby causing minor memory lapses.

Writing things down on a daily planner is one of the best ways to minimize the likelihood of forgetting something. If your to-do list is accessible to you, you are more likely to remember important tasks that need to be done. Recent studies show that brain activity increases after writing on paper than on electronic devices.

3. It Enables You To Plan Your Week Ahead

Mother works at home with kid on arms

Most daily planners have a few pages dedicated to weekly (and even monthly) plans.

Weekly planning helps busy moms have an idea of what’s ahead of them for the week. Should your son’s dentist appointment be scheduled for this week, or is it in conflict with his big soccer match? Are the kids free this weekend, or is there a cousin celebrating their birthday?

Busy moms don’t have to worry too much about being faced with unpleasant surprises when they know what the week has in store for the entire family, especially the kids.

4. It Gives You Time For Yourself

While life may seem like a never-ending routine, some days are just busier than others. By plotting your daily tasks throughout the week, you can project which days will be restless for you and slot in some time for yourself when possible.

By simply looking at your plotted schedule, you’ll be able to give yourself time to relax before and after a hectic day. Ideally, busy moms should start their day at least an hour earlier than the rest of the household. This hour is enough for them to breathe, have a positive start, drink their coffee, meditate, get ready without being rushed, or do what they must in the morning. You can easily decide what time this would be, depending on what’s ahead of you for the day.

5. It  Allows You To Prioritize Tasks

Lastly, planning your daily to-do list allows moms to prioritize tasks. While you need to accomplish all the tasks on your list, some are more important or urgent than the others. Is there a bill that’s due soon or a scheduled meeting in school? Is there a big test that you need to help your kid study for?

Write them on a daily planner, then label the most important ones. You may want to consider using colored pens or labels to make them stand out. When your high-priority tasks have been accomplished and out of the way, you worry less and can function more efficiently for the rest of the day.


Moms are superheroes! As soon as you wake up, your day is instantly in a constant rush of accomplishing responsibilities. Without a sense of organization, you’ll be all over the place. A daily planner is an effective tool to help you get on the top of your tasks. Try it out, and you’ll see how life-changing using a daily planner is. Every mom needs one.