Why a Countertop water filter is a real plus

A countertop filter is a device that cleans water while on the counter by connecting it to a faucet or water regulator. Water from the sink faucet flows through the filter, thereby purifying it.

It gets rid of contaminants like salts, chlorine, fluorides, lead, heavy metal, algae, moss, etc. It is easy to install and does not require any tool to accompany it; therefore, it is an affordable way of home water management.

How a countertop water filter works

Most of the home countertop filters contain a single filter that eliminates all contaminants, but others include three filters. The more the filters are, the more thorough the water purification will be.

The first stage filter eliminates large sediments off the water and passes it through to the next screen.

The second stage filter removes small sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants such as algae and moss.

The third stage filter, mostly an iron filter, purifies the water of all metal like iron, lead, and rust.

Benefits of a countertop filter

It purifies water

A countertop filter comes with an excellent filtration method that eliminates all pollutants from your home water. It removes traces of chemicals like fluoride, lead, iron, chlorine, and other pharmaceutical contaminants that make the water unsafe for drinking and home use.

Clean water is essential in keeping the doctor away and has a lot of health benefits—some filters alkalize the water. Alkalized water aids in weight loss and is healthy for consumption.

It is cheap to install

A countertop filter does not require any other tool to support its functionality. Most models come with a faucet; therefore, it is easily installable with handtools found at home.

With most models, you don’t need an expert like a plumber to do it for you. Changing the filters is also easy as the countertop filter’s design is suitable and convenient for home use.

A better taste of water

Many people who have tasted salty water will concur that is has a nasty taste and doesn’t quench thirst sufficiently and you will feel like you have sparkling water taps right in your home.

The countertop filter eliminates all contaminants from the water that cause a poor taste and even odors in the water. It gives you more purified water that tastes way much better.

It is affordable

Most of the countertop filters are highly affordable and do not require an expert to install them. There are also many models from different companies; therefore, you have a choice to make depending on your pocket.

Considerations to make while buying a countertop water filter

The type of contaminants you want to remove

Firstly, you should consider taking a test of the water to determine what contaminants are there. Based on the water test results, you can choose what type of filter best suits you.

There are different types of filters in the market that remove different types of water contaminants. Some of them are better in eliminating a particular type of contaminant like chlorine or fluoride than others.

The type of filter

We have two types of countertop water filters: a pitcher filter and a faucet filter.

A faucet filter is easy to use as most of them come with the faucet for installation. If not, you only need to connect a valve to the water tap, and it is ready to run.

A pitcher filter does not require a connection to the water source, is portable, and saves you space. It, however, requires more water refilling.

Different types of water filters depend on the process it uses for water refilling. Therefore, you should choose one suits your needs depending on where you want to use it (home, office or outdoor)

Ease of use

Faucet countertop filters come with a faucet ready, and you have to connect it to the water tap or source, switch on the button, and prepare to run.

On the other hand, pitcher countertop filters are difficult to run as they require frequent refills. For home use, choose a water filter that is easy to operate to save time and energy.


Every device has a cost of maintenance. A countertop filter will eventually reach its optimal capacity, whereby it won’t be able to filter anymore. It needs a change of filter every three to nine months to continue functioning well.

Some will incur a higher cost of maintenance despite the price. Some pricey models will require a change of filter every three months, while some cheaper ones will last up to nine months.

You can use reviews by other customers from home management sites to find out which one can be easy to maintain.

Your countertop space

A countertop filter rests on the counter. You do not want to buy the device, and on reaching home, it is too bulky for your kitchen counter space. Therefore, it is best to assess the space you have first. It will guide you on choosing the right one that will fit on your counter.

Final water taste

Filters are supposed to purify your water and improve its taste. Some filters remove contaminants but end up eliminating minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water as well. These minerals are the essential elements of water that make it healthy.

It is crucial to choose a filter that as a remineralizing capacity that ensures you get water beneficial to your health.

Alkalizing ability

Alkalized water is healthy for our bodies. It is an anti-aging agent and also aids in weight loss. Some filters can make the water alkaline than others; therefore, if your goal is to achieve a healthy immune system, look for a filter with the alkalizing property.


There are different prices in the market for different countertop filters. After knowing the type of contaminants, you want to remove, make a comparison for various models—research about the maintenance cost, price of replacing filters, and usage. Look for an affordable one without compromising on quality.

Bottom line

Most municipal water sources usually have contaminated water leaving millions of people with little or no choice. Unclean water is harmful to your health and is not safe for household use. You don’t have to go through the devastating effects of taking contaminated water. With a home countertop filter, you can purify your home water and enjoy the health benefits of clean water.