Who Are The Best Manufacturers Of Composite Decking Sydney?

Composite decking is a man-made binding product used in the construction industry. It is a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fiber popularly marked as an alternative to wood. The mixture is heated to form boards that need a lot of maintenance than the wooden decking boards. This material is becoming very popular due to its durability, resistance to termites, damp and rot. These boards do not need painting, sealing or staining and they don’t even crack or warp in direct sunlight. There are many manufacturers in this field but BriteDeck, Composite Decking Sydney excels in its crafting. The decking material is splinter stain-free and fade resistant with plastic capping.

How To Find Out The Best Composite Decking?

If you are shopping for Composite Decking, consider some important factors and choose the best decking material from many options available in the market.

1. Budget: There are numerous composite designs/brands with similar performance. But composite decking with a simple colour palette, grain pattern, low maintenance, and smooth finish option can meet your needs to suit your budget. You can cut waste and save money if you install decking with face screws and a wooden rail.

2. Sunlight: Consider a light colour, if your deck is exposed to the hot sun. Dense and dark coloured decking boards absorb heat from the sun and reflect it back making your deck sizzling hot.

3. Moisture: Composed Decking boards are designed with anti-slip features, hence if your deck is close to a pool, or you reside in a place where you often have snowfalls, a composite with smooth finish can be dangerous. Choose material sensibly that is waterproof and weather resistant.

4. Appearance: Many composites appear like wood and have superior grain touch, some brands feature subtle shadings and grain patterns, a few are buffed artificially at the factories. There are some more decking boards with a wide range of colours and matching accessories like railings, posts, balusters, and decorative trim. This makes your deck look beautiful but is costlier than the cost of your board. Therefore do not choose such a decking product, instead, go in for composite decking which is more appealing.

5. Building Codes: Consider a decking material that is approved by the local building officials in the city. Some Composite material has limitations on using for certain applications like framing or stairs. Therefore, to avoid building code violations use an approved material and fastener spacing.

6. Extra Cost: Composite decking boards can be installed using the same tools as in wooden decks, no specialized tool is required. Each system needs hidden fasteners and screws, use screws for composite decking for better results. To have a clear picture of cost, before buying a deck search for installation and accessories required for each system.


Quality Composite Decking is costlier than pressure-treated wood but it is long-lasting with style, colours, fastener choice and building code requirements. It is wallet-friendly material with warranty and is officially approved. Therefore choose composite decking as an ideal material for your decks.