Which Parts of Your House Should You Stage?

Remember, when it comes to making a quick home sale, appearance matters the most. Thus you want your home to look in tip-top shape for potential buyers. Though traditional home staging by buying new furniture can make a big difference, it can be very expensive. However, thanks to modern technology, using virtual staging to impress home buyers offers a cheap and effective solution. You can ask professionals to get it done for you without breaking the bank.

The process of virtual home staging means using 3-D rendering to highlight your home’s best assets. With the aid of a computer and designer, you can help buyers imagine themselves living in the property. If you do it correctly, you will have no problems closing your home and finalizing the deed of sale. But do you need to stage every area of your house? Read on to find out the answer.

Conduct Staging Where It Counts

Conduct Staging Where It Counts

When it comes to virtual staging, you don’t have to jazz up every area of your house. This holds true, especially when you have a very limited budget. The key to success lies in focusing your efforts on popular rooms. These major rooms possess the biggest potential in making an impact and influencing your buyer’s decisions.

Hence, you should put more effort into these key areas instead of wasting limited resources on rooms that don’t make much difference. According to the National Realtor Association, the rooms that hold the most important for buyers are the following:

  • Living room
  • Master bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Dining area

These are the top 5 rooms you must focus on in virtual staging. When you analyze it, you will realize these are the most commonly used rooms in the home. The living room serves as a place for the family to gather, and it also welcomes guests.

Similarly, the kitchen and dining room must look decent because everyone preps meals and eats at least three times a day. In the same token, people rest in the master bedroom for at least 8 hours a day, while the bathrooms are constantly used for relief and relaxation.

You don’t have to fret as much over other rooms with less influence. For example, you don’t have to obsess as much over the guest rooms, kids’ rooms, laundry area, game room, basement, attic, den, or outdoor spaces. However, this doesn’t mean you will neglect these areas. Cleaning and keeping them neat will still go a long way.

Invest in Staging These Areas to Make a Quick Sale

Don’t mistake virtual home staging as similar to decorating. The latter is all about your personal flair and style. On the other hand, staging incorporates techniques to ensure that the property appeals to the largest pool of buyers. Remember, they are not just looking for structures to serve as shelter. Instead, a house can fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyles.

For this reason, staging can create an impact on the buyer and evoke feelings that make them truly at home in the property. When they can imagine themselves living there, they feel an affinity for the home and find it hard to let go. This is what you need to seal the deal.

Therefore, virtual staging can affect your selling price, allowing you to command a much higher price. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your house being on the market for too long. Besides, the longer it stays in the market, the more money you lose and the less appealing it is to buyers. Nothing is more off-putting than a cluttered home that nobody seems to want.

Top 3 Staging Tips to Help You Get Started

Top 3 Staging Tips to Help You Get Started

To ensure that your home truly looks beautiful, you need to prep it first for virtual staging. The designer and software can only do so much tweaking. Hence, you must start on the right track with a solid foundation. Take a look at these helpful tips below:

1.  Take Personal Things Out

The primary goal of staging the home is to ensure prospective buyers imagine your house as their own. To ensure you achieve this objective, try to create a blank canvas. Though you can add stylish touches, it should be devoid of personal touches. Take note of the following:

  • Takedown family pictures
  • Remove embroidered pillows or tea towels with initials
  • Store photo albums
  • Remove personal items from kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Keep clothes, toys, and other items out
  • Religious artifacts that may put off the buyer

Though living in your home may feel weird because you removed the customized touches, you must endure. Keep in mind that you need to do this to allow the buyers to connect with the property you’re selling.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter equates to chaos, and nobody wants that. Remind yourself that your mess takes up space, but more space is what buyers want. Thus, you must get rid of the junk you don’t need to make your home look more spacious. Bigger areas look more desirable, so taper things down to your basic essentials. You can start by:

  • Keeping seasonal clothes
  • Removing miscellaneous items
  • Organizing closets, drawers, and shelves
  • Throwing or donating what has not been used for months
  • Rearrange furniture

Buyers will open everything to look at storage potential, so don’t hide your junk there. The less clutter you have, the more appealing the home looks.

3.  Give a Thorough Cleaning

You want your home to sparkle and shine as if it’s brand spanking new. When your house is squeaky clean, buyers feel that the house is well-maintained and worth the price. It would help to do more than the usual vacuuming and dusting. Try the following:

  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust ceilings
  • Clear window sills and blinds
  • Make the fridge and every storage space neat
  • Patch and repair what can be fixed

The Final Wrap up on Virtual Staging

You don’t have to spend too much when you stage your home. Making smart choices and partnering up with the best virtual staging firm can make a difference. Asking a professional to give advice on specific rooms will add value to your home. It will also entice buyers to come in for viewing. When you work hard to ensure your home looks its best, you can rest easy knowing that it will get sold right away.