Where To Buy Flour Online In Canada

As a baker, whether that be professional or amateur, you’re always down to explore new recipes and try new ingredients. Sometimes the gathering of your ingredients can be an adventure in itself, as you guess how the flavours will interact with each other. But no ingredient is more important than flour. The backbone of baking, flour is relied on to bring our every creation, from cookies and cakes to breads and pies, to life. And as we continue to experiment in the kitchen, flour mills expand their flour selection. While classic wheat flour will likely always be a staple, we can now test our recipes with other flours, including rice, potato, almond, and coconut, allowing us to see how each type impacts our creation. Baking is an art, not a science, so having the freedom to play around with the different types of flours is just one way in which you can explore the world of baking.

Buying flour, however, is a whole other journey. For some, going to the local grocery store isn’t cutting it anymore. Whether the selection is just not what you hope it would be, or perhaps the brands don’t hold the same standards that you do, buying your flour at the store can sometimes feel like an underwhelming experience. That’s why more and more people are choosing to buy their flour online. But where exactly may one begin to look and narrow down their choices when it comes to buying flour online? Let’s take a look!

Where To Find Flour Online In Canada?

Google Search

The first step may seem quite obvious, but a great way to begin exploring your options and seeing what’s available to you is by conducting a quick Google search. Simply type in “buying flour online Canada”, and a range of options will be presented to you. You will notice, however, that some of the top hits include links to larger companies and chains, such as Walmart and Amazon. While there is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing flour online from such retailers, you’re unlikely to find the same range of options and may be unable to guarantee the quality.

While buying flour online in Canada comes with the benefit of not worrying about distance, as the product will be shipped directly to you, some may still prefer to find a company that is close by. In that case, simply refine your search by swapping “Canada” out for your city, town, or even neighbourhood, depending on where you live.

Farmers’ Markets

While this method admittedly doesn’t begin online, it does allow you to connect with organic brands and companies in person before sourcing their products online. Not only can you discover reputable local companies at a farmers’ market, but you can also take advantage of them being there in person. By asking them questions and getting a recommendation or two, you can turn to their online store and find the exact product you were looking for.

In general, purchasing flour from an organic company is always a solid avenue to explore. As they are smaller and don’t have the same financial resources as larger brands, they often are not given shelf space in supermarkets. This is a shame, as the practices that organic farmers and millers keep are far more ethical and environmentally friendly than many large name brands. Organic farming rebuilds soil health by rotating crops to ensure the land is not being overworked while also avoiding the use of pesticides. This, in turn, stops harmful chemicals from trickling into our water supply and polluting it. Organic farming also results in greater biodiversity and releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Web Blogs

There are more than a few foodies out there who are thorough in their research and documenting their findings. Blogs that focus on organic farming and flour may be particularly useful, as those who share the same interests will likely gather and leave comments. This strategy is similar to getting suggestions from friends and family; you are given the opportunity to see which brands are spoken favourably about, and then it’s up to you to check out their website!

Why Should You Buy Flour Online?


If you may recall, one of the early stages of the pandemic involved a lot of baking and bread making. This spike in flour sales caused stores to sell out, leaving many customers without access to the ingredients they need. With online shopping, however, you’re unlikely to run into this issue.

Additionally, you’re guaranteed to be offered a greater selection of flours online. Chain supermarkets likely only carry the most popular brands and types. However, if you’re a more advanced or adventurous baker, this may not cut it. By searching online, you can find brands that specialize in flours, and therefore are certain to have the one you need.


The majority of artisan and organic flour companies take their craft seriously. Many often specialize in one type of product– in this case, flour– so they rely on the quality of their product to be successful. They’re not afraid to put the work in and take the time to do it right, ensuring that their product lives up to standards they’ve set on themselves. Additionally, ordering flour straight from the mill allows you to bake with fresh grains, which can add a little something extra!

Support Small Businesses

The last, but certainly not least, reason for choosing to buy your flour online is to support local businesses. As mentioned above, most independent, organic brands do not have their products sold in stores and rely on internet foot traffic to keep their business thriving. By purchasing your flour online, you can learn exactly where your money is going to and the type of business that you are supporting.

So the next time you run out of flour and need to stock up on your supply, consider going online to buy your flour. You may be pleasantly surprised by the product you end up receiving!