When You Should Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing someone you love unexpectedly can be very devastating, especially if caused by someone else’s wrongful actions or negligence. You may not only be left struggling emotionally but also struggling financially. So, finding a wrongful death suit attorney helps file a case against the party liable for the wrongful death.

Hiring a wrongful death attorney helps the loved ones of the deceased to get justice and get compensated for their loss. No one deserves to be left struggling with unpaid medical costs, funeral bills, and other expenses, not to mention the loss of financial support that the deceased was providing. Also, the deceased loved one deserves justice too, and since they are not there to pursue it themselves, their loved ones can help get it for them through the help of a legal practitioner.

In that sense, if you are wondering when to contact a wrongful death attorney, the following post is going to provide several situations whereby an experienced wrong death attorney will assist you to get justice for the loss of your loved one.

Car Accident Deaths Caused by Negligence

If a victim loses his/her life due to an accident caused by reckless driving, drunk driving, or any other case involving negligent driving, then you might be having a wrongful death claim. As the folks at https://www.injury-attorneys.com/wrongful-death-lawyers/ put it, you can determine this by speaking to an experienced wrongful death attorney. A qualified wrongful death attorney will help you get justice and compensation regardless of whether the death was caused by a truck, car, or even motorcycle. Accident related deaths from reckless driving, drunk driving, and other negligence are among the leading causes of wrongful deaths.

When a Victim Dies as a Result of Medical Malpractices

Medical malpractice issues such as misdiagnosis, treatment error, surgery error, or failure to diagnose an illness that causes a loved one to pass away can also attract a wrongful death claim. Contacting a reputable wrongful death attorney will help in evaluating all the facts in your case to find out if you have a valid suit or not. He/she will evaluate the relevant medical care that was required in such a situation and whether the medical professional adhered to or deviated from these required medical standards. A qualified attorney will bring in more than one witness to provide the necessary information to answer these questions.

Pharmaceutical Drug Error

Another cause of a wrongful death could be as a result of a pharmaceutical drug company failing to disclose or hiding potentially harmful side effects of their drugs. For example, they may fail to address necessary precautionary measures such as the lethal interaction of certain two drugs. If a victim dies as a result of any pharmaceutical drug error, then that forms a very solid ground for contacting a wrongful death attorney and filing a wrongful death lawsuit. It is a requirement by law for all the pharmaceutical drug companies and dealers to provide all necessary information regarding their drugs.

Defective Products

A person with a handful of pills

Product manufacturers are expected to conform to best practices manufacturing products to make sure they are safe for consumers. It is one of the reasons they spend so much time and money testing and improving their products to avoid product liability. That being said, if anyone dies because of a defective product, then that’s a wrongful death case, and the manufacturer of the particular product should be held accountable. These defective products may include but are not limited to toxic food products, defective pharmaceutical products, defective automobiles, unsafe products designed for young children, etc. In such a scenario, do not hesitate to contact a good wrongful death attorney. They should help get justice and necessary compensation for you and your loved one.

Construction and Other Work-Related Accidents

All employers are legally obligated to provide safe working environments for their employees. However, some of them may be dubious and decide to cut corners on workers’ safety aiming to cut down costs. If such a thing happens especially in a high-risk work environment such as construction and manufacturing centers, then the workers are prone to fatal accidents that even lead to loss of lives. However, if someone dies due to such employer negligence, then that’s a viable wrongful death claim. Contact a wrongful death attorney at once without hesitation.

Premises Liability Accidents

All property owners are obligated by law to provide premises that are safe for everyone-whether it is a grocery store, hotel, office, apartment block, shop, shopping mall, etc. The property owners are expected to envision potential hazards that can cause accidents and take preventive measures in advance. Else, if someone loses his/her life as a result of premises liability, then the property owner is liable for the wrongful death. Some of the Premises Liability Accidents include inadequate staircase lighting, failure to provide security thus causing violence, fire due to faulty wires and piping, building code violations, etc.

Things To Consider When Hiring an Attorney

When you experience some kind of legal issue and need an attorney, it is essential that you pick one that will be able to face the challenge and get you the best possible results. When considering hiring an attorney, look into their credibility, area of expertise, track record, and reputation in the legal world. Here is why these factors are essential. 

Area of Expertise

When hiring an attorney, more often than not, you have a legal issue that you need to resolve with the results in your favor. For example, if you believe a loved one faced a wrongful death, an attorney experienced in that field will be able to handle your case best. One attorney cannot handle all kinds of law cases, so you should research and pick a lawyer capable of handling your case. 

Experience and Track Record

Lawyers can be expensive, and you may want to hire a beginner attorney because they are comparatively cheaper. However, they will lack experience, so they may not be very well-equipped to handle your case. Although experienced lawyers are relatively expensive, it is likely that they have previously been involved in a case similar to yours and will know the right steps to take. 

Therefore, it is best to check their experience and track record. The latter will ascertain their winning percentage. The higher the number of wins, the better the attorney will be. 

Legal Fees

Legal fees are a crucial factor when hiring an attorney. Some charge per hour, while others have a flat fee. Additionally, some lawyers, such as probate lawyers, may charge a percentage of the estate value. Personal injury lawyers may choose to charge a contingency fee of 33% on the recovered amount and so on. Getting a lawyer is generally expensive, so you need to be mindful of the scenario and carefully judge the lawyer you choose based on their experience and win percentage. 

Credibility and Reputation

A lawyer’s credibility greatly depends on his professional reputation and what his colleagues, peers, and clients think of him. Everyone wants a trustworthy lawyer, and the more you are liked by your peers and colleagues, the more trustworthy and credible you will be in the eyes of your clients. 

When hiring a lawyer, inquire about their reputation from colleagues and former clients to gauge whether or not they will be a good fit for you. 


There you have them! The various occasions you should consider contacting a wrongful death attorney. So, you should never allow wrongful death defendants to get away with it. They should be liable and serve as an example to the rest out there.