When Should You Get a Gynecologic Checkup?

With numerous choices to select from when it comes to medical care specialists, knowing who to visit can be challenging. As a woman going to the right OBGYN is vital. Most patients will have questions before they decide to go to an OBGYN. The most common one is, “Why should I go to a gynecology provider instead of going to a family physician?”

Another one is, “When should I get a gynecologic checkup?” Both questions are excellent. But the answers to these questions will not be straightforward as most people think. You need to know more about gynecology and why a lady needs to visit one.

Read on to learn more.

Understanding Gynecology?

Both gynecology and family medicine can examine women. Also, they can assess to detect health illnesses. So, the question is, when should you go for a gynecologic checkup?

With gynecology, it is often needed when:

  • You have questions related to menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, or contraceptives.
  • You are worried about your reproductive system. This means the vagina, ovaries, breasts, and vulva also if you have gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • You are worried about your sexual health. This includes pain, low libido, or abuse.
  • You seek health examinations and screenings.

It is worth noting that there are services offered in Gynecology and Family Medicine. These include mood changes, thyroid disease, and birth control. With these situations, you can begin by going to anyone you feel is suitable for you and ensuring you get guidance should the provider fail to help you.

What is the Right Age to Start Seeing a Gynecologist?

A female aged between 12 and 18 can visit a gynecologist, family physician, or pediatrician. Pediatricians or family physicians could handle several health care issues. But, there are situations when it will be suitable for a young woman to visit a gynecologist. Visit the link to consult a reputable gynaecologist.

These situations will be:

  • The Female can’t insert a tampon.
  • The Female is experiencing sexual health issues or needs help with contraceptives.
  • The Female is experiencing pain during menstruation.
  • The Female is experiencing delayed menstruation or puberty.

How Often Should A Woman See the Gynecologist?

Based on the procedure or tests available, you will be required to see the gynecologist once every year. Also, don’t forget to visit the gynecologist if you have a severe health concern. Most people will experience different changes, and the changes may be attributed to the body, age, and conditions. It is recommended to adhere to the OBGYN opinion.

Pap Smear Test: What You Need to Know

When will you stop visiting the gynecologist? Several women will ask this because they usually loathe going for checkups. But this should not be your concern since most gynecologists are always ready to help women recover from their health problems and offer the proper treatment.

One of the necessary tests that you will get from a gynecologist is the Pap smear test. The test will identify cell abnormalities and other common types of cancer, such as cervical cancer. Cervical cancer can cause death if left untreated. During tests, the physician will collect cells from your cervix to further assess if something unusual may cause cervical cancer.

You don’t have to panic when you go for the test. The Pap smear test is necessary to prevent health issues, and if a condition is detected early, you could be treated.

Well-Woman Exam: What You Need to Know

Also, a woman can get the Well-Woman Exam if she believes it’s essential. By speaking to a gynecologist, she could know more about the examination and when to book an appointment.

The Well-Woman Exam is done every year because it detects several health issues that women may have. Apart from the breast examination and the pelvic floor examination, the General Women’s Wellness Exam will deal with a woman’s personal needs. These needs include conception, stress, family planning, libido, hormones, and birth control. When you go for the General Women’s Wellness Exam, you could ask the gynecology provider questions about reproduction and a woman’s overall health.

Visiting the gynecology provider should be included in your calendar, and don’t forget to go for the essential examinations. Apart from being vital to your reproductive system, the tests could offer you the opportunity to know more about your overall health and what you need to do to live healthily. Most professional gynecologists will provide excellent care to prevent bacterial vaginosis of women irrespective of their age. Also, they will be patient to listen to the concerns you may have. Speak to the gynecologist near you today.