When Should A Person Go To Rehab? 7 Warnings Signs to Look Out For

Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious disorders that ravage the lives of not just the addicted individual but the lives of their family and loved ones too. It can affect anyone from the teen nursing their first hangover or the business executive addicted to wine at lunch with their client to the model snorting coke backstage. Substance abuse is a serious illness, regardless of who suffers from it. It is a never-ending struggle for addicts to get better.

If you or someone you love has found themselves in the grips of alcohol or drug addiction, it can be truly debilitating. When you are under the influence, it can be difficult to determine when you need help. Rehab is for people who have a serious, often life-threatening problem with drugs or alcohol. Entering rehab will either be the first step towards recovery or the last resort for somebody who has been abusing drugs and alcohol for months and years on end. If you exhibit the following signs, you may need rehabilitation services.

1. You lose self-control

Substance abuse affects cognitive functioning, making it hard for someone who has been using drugs for long periods of time to concentrate in school or work and remember things like appointments, tasks that need completing or even how they got home while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It also causes memory issues where they might forget what they were doing or what they said just seconds earlier. If your self-control is also off the charts when you drink, and you feel lost most of the time and find yourself unable to cope with life without some form of dependence on something, then it is time that you make the call to get the help that you need. Rehab facilities like Palm Beach Institute can help you regain your sense of self-control and set you on the path to recovery.

2. You get withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit

If you start to feel nauseous, jittery and shaky after a period without any alcoholic beverages or drugs, then those are all signs that your body is not used to being without the substance anymore. They are all physical symptoms of withdrawal that are your body’s way of telling you that it is addicted.

3. You are unable to quit on your own

If you keep going back into your addiction after trying to quit on your own for some time, this can be another sign that professional help is needed. Addiction takes over your life in many ways and can be extremely difficult to fight on your own. Trying again and again without success will only worsen the problem by weakening your body.

4. Your physical health is deteriorating

Health problems that frequently arise from drug use are due to the fact that all drugs in some way damage the human body. Even marijuana can cause respiratory illness because it is smoked. In addition, other drugs such as cocaine and heroin can cause serious heart and lung problems because they are injected into the bloodstream directly through veins or arteries. All forms of drugs can lead to abscesses which can cause serious infections. If you are addicted to drugs, your body cannot fight diseases as it should. Your immune system is directly affected by the recreational drugs that you take. If your physical health is also deteriorating and you want to live without any health problems, then you must quit your bad habits and go to a treatment center marketing that offers integrative medicine for treating drug addiction.

5. Your urge is increasing

The most dangerous part of addiction is what comes next. The person begins to crave the substance more and more, needing it just to feel normal. They may steal to get money for it or even commit crimes that many addicts commit to obtain more drugs or alcohol.

You may only want to take your substance of choice once or twice a day, but over time you will get the urge to use it more and more until it is all you think about and it becomes the most important thing in your life. You will be spending so much time getting high or recovering from the effects of your last use that you would not have time for anything else. For example, if you are addicted to heroin, all you will think about is what you need to do to get some money to buy some heroin. The same goes for cocaine. All you will be thinking about is where you will get some more coke and how much money you need to get a hold of to pay for some coke. If you have a similar urge and crave more every day, then it is time you seek professional help.

6. You keep relapsing

If you cannot get yourself off of a drug or alcohol addiction no matter how hard you try, this can be a huge sign that professional help is needed. However, it is important to know that quitting an addiction does not happen overnight, and it requires a lot of time and effort.

7. Your relationships are suffering

Addiction can turn even the closest relationships into battlefields, but there is hope for people who are willing to get help. The best way to mend broken relationships is by taking an honest look at your addiction and then seeking help for your behavior.

If you have also been abusing drugs or alcohol, you might have already noticed that they are causing problems in your relationships. Whether it is with a romantic partner, family members or friends, the toxicity of addiction can make it difficult to maintain healthy connections. Rehab can help you by confronting the root cause of addictive behavior and learning new ways to relate to others in recovery. You can regain the trust of your loved ones and begin rebuilding your relationships from the ground up.


If you or a loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can be very difficult to figure out if rehab is the option for you. After all, most rehab facilities are very enticing in their promises of success, and so is abstinence. The decision to attend rehab should never be taken lightly, but equally, if someone meets many of these warning signs for alcoholism and drug use, there is a good chance that they will not be able to stop addiction by themselves. The sooner a person gets help, the easier it will be to learn how to overcome the addiction and lead a healthier, happier life.