When Do Kids Start Preschool?

One of the most bittersweet moments in a parent’s life is when their children start school. Until that moment, they’ve been exclusively in your care. Now, they begin to spend their days with other children and adults.

For some parents, this day comes earlier than others. You may have a work schedule that makes it challenging to be home with your child all day. Many parents in this situation enroll their children in preschool.

Before you can send your child to preschool, though, you’ll have to answer a critical question: when do kids start preschool?

Your local preschool may have prescribed age limits for their early childhood education. However, most preschools follow similar guidelines for what ages they work with. We’ll explore some of those guidelines in the article below!

The Best Age for Preschool

There’s not a precise age for when children should begin school. Usually, this depends on what works best for the family and child. Other settings, such as daycare centers, may be a better environment for your child.

However, many preschools open their doors to children two years old and older. One reason for this is that two-year-olds benefit from learning new social skills. These children are also old enough to learn more conversational speaking skills.

Preschools are often the best environments for children to practice these skills. However, not all preschools limit their enrollment to two-year-olds. Some open their doors to children as young as 1.6 years old.

Other preschools may accept children who are three or four years old. So, look for schools near me to find what age limits your local preschool may have.

When Do Kids Start Preschool?

Generally, kids start preschool in September. Usually, the enrollment process for the upcoming school year begins sometime between May and July.

Many parents have questions about how old their child has to be during the enrollment period. For example, if a preschool accepts children two years old or older, can you enroll a child who’s 1.8 years old?

The rules for this often depend on your location. However, all that matters is that your child will be the appropriate age before the school year starts. Usually, the cut-off date for this is August 31st.

Benefits of Starting School Young

As mentioned before, there are other daycare approaches beyond preschool. So, you may wonder why preschool is the best choice for your child.

There are several advantages to enrolling your children in preschool. First, it prepares them for the school environment they’ll enter in a few years.

There are often early academic advances for students who attend preschool. These benefits often stem from the learning opportunities they receive in those pre-k years.

For example, these students may have more developed social and reading skills than their kindergarten peers. But don’t worry if you’re still on the fence. You can always learn more about these advantages before deciding if preschool is the best choice for your child.

Enroll Your Child in the Next Preschool Year

If you were wondering, “when do kids start preschool?” we hope you’ve found your answer! Different areas may have varying guidelines for enrolling children in preschool. However, parents can often send their two-year-old child to pre-k education to learn vital skills.

The next step is to find a local preschool to enroll your child. So, start searching for the best options near you!

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