When Do Babies Go to the Dentist? A Guide for New Moms

For months, you didn’t have to even think about your baby’s first trip to the dentist. They didn’t even have teeth! But now that they’re starting to teethe, you may find yourself wondering, when do babies go to the dentist?

Here’s your all-inclusive guide to caring for your little one’s budding bicuspids.

When Do Babies Grow Teeth?

Babies can grow teeth as early as four months and as late as a year old. That’s a big range! Don’t worry if your child is approaching their first birthday and haven’t sprouted their pearly whites.

If your child is well past their first-year milestone with no signs of baby teeth, then you may want to give your pediatric dentist a call.  If you haven’t found a pediatric dentist, we’d recommend Dental Care Team clinic or simply research for a reputable one near you.

When Do Babies Go to the Dentist?

The short answer is when their teeth come in! It may be tempting to take them in to see the dentist when they start to teethe. But, you should wait until their baby teeth are a bit more developed.

By the time your child has turned one, they should have visited the dentist or have an appointment coming up. At their first visit, the dentist will be able to assess their oral development. They will check for any cavities and help you get booked for your next appointment.

To pick the best dentist, be sure you look for one with a pediatric background.

Preparing for the Visit

If you can, try to prepare your child for their first visit. Let them know all about who a dentist is, what they do, and what to expect. Make sure they know that holding their mouth open for a long time might be hard, but that they can do it.

Reading books about dentists can be helpful. Similarly, consider taking your child in for a visit when they don’t have an appointment. This can help familiarize them with the place and the people working there.

On the day of the visit, pack a bag for the waiting room. Sometimes the wait can feel long, especially for a young child. Bring books, toys, and other things to keep them entertained and at ease. This will also help them associate the dentist with fun activities.

How Often to Go

Kids should go to the dentist as often as adults, every six months. In-between visits, be sure to check their teeth for discoloration, damage, and decay. These could be signs of cavities, injuries, or other issues.

If you spot anything unusual, don’t wait for your child’s next appointment. Book a visit to the dentist right away.

If you’re unsure about them needing to come in, you can always call. Dentists and dental hygienists are often more than willing to answer questions and recommend visits if needed.

Now You’re Set

Hopefully, this helps you answer the question, when do babies go to the dentist? A baby’s first trip to the dentist is an exciting milestone. It’s a habit they will keep their whole lives! It’s also the first step in ensuring they have healthy, strong teeth.

Research shows that good oral hygiene influences overall health. So you’re making an investment in their health that will pay dividends.

To get started in your quest for the perfect dentist, try searching for something like ‘pediatric dentists near me’.