What’s the meaning of Lion statues for front porch?

Let’s start from the actual meaning of lion statues at the entrance or on the front porch of a house. When I say actual meaning it means that what actually people think about them and what’s really the ideology behind putting a lion statue on the front porch of a house. So, different traditions, cultures, and religions have different ideologies about lion statues. Each and every one of them has its own theory. According to a famous religion in China (Buddhism), a lion statue depicts a peaceful nation. In Buddhism statue of a lion is considered very much sacred. It is also one of the Strength Symbols that our ancestors used.

Buddhists believe that it brings prosperity and happiness not only for the households who are having it but for everyone living around them. Another fact about Buddhism is it believes in the system of duality. They believe that a pair of two brings duality. That is the reason you will often find two same statues of a lion on both sides of an entrance gate or a hallway. It shows power, strength, and wisdom.

Similarly, in countries like Italy, a lion statue represents power. You may feel shocked to learn that in Scandinavia lion statues are literary used in churches and holy places. There are lion statues at the entrance gate and also inside the church building. Some people just take it as a decoration. But other people even consider the lion as a God-like creature. So you see different religions and cultures have different ideologies about lion statues. Overall we can say that lion is a symbol of peace, love, dominance, strength, and wisdom.

Hence at most of the traditional places, you will see lion statues at the entrance gate, in the hallway, or inside the building. In some cases, you may also see lions head on the wall of traditional buildings and churches. To buy some of the nicely carved and elegantly painted lion statues, we have a selection of outdoor Lion statues for you.

Talking about the traditional buildings, historical places, and old churches how we can forget western society. In countries like London, America and Great Britain there is a certain type of lion which is famous above all. It is called the guardian lion. In the west, this guardian lion and typical lion statues are considered art. People use to have tattoos of the lion as well.

As I have said earlier, different religions and different cultures have different ideologies about a lion statue. So, let’s talk about some of the ideologies which are on the other hand not very much popular among the people actually but we have to talk about them. Despite believing that the lion is a symbol of peace, strength, and wisdom some people also believe that the lion is an evil creature. According to them, the lion symbolizes evil powers and unjust ideas. On the other hand, some people believe that the lion itself is not an evil creature but only Satan’s lion is evil and it depicts cruelty.

How To Protect Your Statues

A concrete lion statue image

If you have statues on display on your front porch or in your backyard, over time, they may fade and lose their original distinctive experience. Conventional materials like stone and bronze generally age well over time. However, they still need some maintenance to ensure they do not weather down too quickly. Some more modern materials like rubber, fiberglass, and plastics are more vulnerable and thus need to be protected from changing climate conditions. Here is how you can ensure your statues look presentable. 

Schedule Maintenance

Most people purchase a statue, erect it in their garden and forget about it. However, you should ideally care for it to ensure it stays pristine. Experts suggest including seasonal upkeep for your statues every time the weather changes. This includes cleaning, waxing, and other maintenance. Your location also plays a part in the number of times you should get your statue maintained. If you live in an area where the weather does not change much, you can make do with yearly or biannual maintenance. 

Be Aware of Water

If your statue is on your front porch, it will likely be surrounded by plants and grass. The chlorine and fertilizer used in landscaping should be kept far away from your statues. If your statue is made using metal, the water can cause corrosion. If you have a stone statue, the water and the minerals from the soil may cause fissures, weakening the statue. It is best to have the statue on some kind of concrete path to ensure it is not touching soil. 

Keep an Eye on Trees

When placing a statue in your garden, ensure it is nowhere near a tree. Giving your statue some space to breathe is perhaps the best way to keep it looking its best. If you have a tree nearby, leaves and bird dropping falling on the statue may dirty it. Your statue may also be at risk from branches, which can fall on it and damage it.  


Lions are popular sculpture subjects because of how majestic they look standing on your front porch. They have various meanings depending on which culture you come from. In general, it symbolizes power, prosperity, and happiness.