What Your Wardrobe Tells About You?

People need to find ways to make themselves look presentable. But a fashion statement for one should not be the same as yours, as you have your own taste, style and preference. Actually, there are many trends in the world of fashion, and not because a specific fashion statement fits one, it fits everyone already. Even people with the same build and size may not have the same fashion style to follow. 

When you get to see someone’s wardrobe, you would learn a lot from them already, apart from their sense of fashion. But of course, you cannot see the entire picture just by that, but needless to say, it can give you a huge idea on what to expect from him/her. 

What Does The Wardrobe Say About A Person

Although not the only measurement to assess a person, but needless to say, this can be a good start. If you are thinking how this can be, you can read on this article and read how different wardrobes describe their owner. 


If most of the clothes you see on their wardrobe fits well on the gym, rock climbing, soccer and other sports, then definitely this person falls on the sporty type of a wardrobe. They rarely wear skirts, dresses and the like, as they prefer leggings, loose shirts, caps and boxer shirts.  They want to be very comfortable wherever they are, whether they are bringing their children to school, going to the malls and even going out on dates.

Most of the people who own a sporty wardrobe are confident, easy going, focused, a good leader and optimistic. 


If their wardrobe is full of beautiful dresses that come in different prints, mostly floral, hearts, laces and ruffles with the colors of pink and lavender then it is no doubt more on the feminine side. The person who has this wardrobe always likes to dress like a lady, and wants to be treated as one. Apart from the lovely dresses, those who own a feminine wardrobe also love pretty heels, skirts, and a lot of girlie accents. 

These people mostly have an eye on beauty and art, thoughtful, sweet and composed. 

Make a statement

When you open a wardrobe and see that it is full of bold prints, bright colors and out of the world clothes, then it means that the owner wants to make a statement and prove her worthiness in the world of fashion. She wants to stand out and not be identified with the crowd. You must not play on with these people, as they are confident enough to prove that they are the best. 

The personality traits of these people are self-assured, well spoken, artistic and charismatic.

Trend setter

If the wardrobe of the person keeps on changing from time to time, it means that she loves to set the trend and switch whenever she thinks like changing. You would always see her in the center of attraction, as she always seems like on the runway and in a fashion magazine. Those who are lost with their fashion statement, can easily come up to her for advice. She always knows what is in demand, and can also start a new trend that everyone will follow. They may look a bit sophisticated but actually, they just want to look trendy all the time. 

Mostly, these people are intelligent, a good friend, helpful, connected and approachable.  

You might be asking right now, what’s my colour? or what my wardrobe looks like, the decision is always for you to make. As long as you can carry the style that you choose, you are doing it right.