What You Should Look For When Buying a Mattress

Your bed and mattress are one of those key elements at home that can either contribute to a comfortable environment and your overall sense of wellbeing or can negate any efforts you’ve made towards self-care. After a long day’s work, you need a proper place to rest your head and get a good night’s sleep.

Without a decent mattress, you’re depriving yourself of the ability to rest up and maintain your health. If you are currently stuck with a lumpy, unforgiving mattress, then it might be high time for an upgrade. Given the remarkable array of options available on the market these days it might be difficult to gauge what kind of mattress to purchase. If this sounds like you, then the following notes should help steer you in the right direction.

Don’t Look for One Size Fits All

You probably know your physique well enough by now and are aware of your pressure points. So, be on the lookout for a mattress that fits you personally, and be wary of any that brand marketed as solving multiple problems at once. Chances are, you won’t need anything that finicky, or you might not be able to meet your needs, regardless. Your main job while searching for a new mattress that is right for you is to focus on what makes you comfortable. Check the size, consider the firmness, and the kinds of materials used to sleep on it, but don’t invest in a super expensive mattress that does not address your specific concerns. Otherwise, you may very well find yourself with a liability on your hands.  Check out different mattress stores in your area and check out all the options before finalizing one.

Look for the Appropriate Size

Maybe the mattress you currently have is far too narrow, or maybe you have another properly, in that it is too big. If your movement feels constricted one way or another, it might be time to change both the mattress and the frame to something that fits you a lot better. As the reviews at sleepauthorities.com/leesa-mattress-review/ would urge you to do, find a model that fits your body to a T. A queen size might sound nice, but if you’re on your own, it will probably feel too big for you. And, if you’re a couple that finds the traditional king-sized bed too big for you, then you can opt for the popular California king mattress. Getting the proper fit is super important when it comes to mattress purchases, since you may realize that the main issue you are confronted with your current bed is that it is far too small for your body, or too big for your room. So, make sure you tick that box off before investing in a new mattress.

Test it Out

It is incredibly important that you test out the mattress at the showroom before purchasing it. Since you need to make sure that it is comfortable enough for you, your only way of knowing is to actually use it, if only briefly. Also, bear in mind that most firmness labels are haphazard at best, and can’t tell you for sure just how firm – or not – a mattress is. All the usual designations: firm, medium, extra firm, etc., are actually rather subjective. And, they do vary from brand to brand, since there isn’t a universal metric to compare it to. The best way to avoid disappointment is really just being able to give it a whirl yourself first.

Test it Out

Consider All Options

Mattresses come with so many different options these days that you should really take the time to consider them and not settle on anything too quickly. You can see if an air bed, memory foam, or latex mattress work well for you. And, also think about whether you want to go with the traditional metal coils – which, granted, aren’t always the best – or new, better technology. Some beds with inner springs are not great in the long run and can sag, or even attract a lot of allergens. Furthermore, they are incredibly noisy, and can make it hard to sleep, or have so much “bounce” that it can do a number on your back. So, take the time to review your options and see which is best for you.


Finally, choose a brand that has a good warranty, whose duration will cover you for a decent length of time and will come with excellent customer service. In the event that you are unhappy with your purchase, it is important to have a measure of support to help you figure out what to do next.

Buying a new bed is a pretty consequential purchase, so choose wisely. Also, don’t rush to buy anything new, and really take your time to consider all the different options available out there. Over time, your general health, wellbeing – not to mention your back – will thank you for being conscientious enough to treat the upgrade seriously.