What You Should Do If You Were Involved in a Semi-truck Accident

We hear about automotive accidents every day, especially with the rise in population and the increase of vehicles on the roads. As anybody can picture, accidents involving semi-trucks, passenger vehicles, or pedestrians can lead to disastrous consequences. The difference in weight and size between the vehicles can play a huge role here. A semi-truck is essentially a combination of a tractor unit and one or several semi-trailers.

Like any truck, semi-truck drivers are asked to go through specified hours of training to be certified to validate their capability of driving such large vehicles. While truck drivers must operate safely, everyone is still prone to mistakes. If you are involved in a crash with a semi-truck, the results can be overwhelming and devastating. Here the steps you should take to support your claim and get compensated. Also, here are the most crucial steps you need to take after you’ve been in a car crash. 

Seek Medical Treatment

After being in a serious accident with a semi-truck collision, you may have an adrenaline rush. If your injuries are severe, you will be carried away into an ambulance or via Air Ambulance 1 type services. But sometimes, your injuries may not be felt right away but after hours or days after the encounter. This is why it is always wise to seek medical attention to check for any underlying injuries regardless of their severity. You should go to the nearest urgent care or hospital to be examined. You can also contact your primary care physician for help.

Call the Police

By calling the police, you will get the first responders to the location of the accident and have injured people taken to medical care. The police will conduct a thorough investigation of what happened. The officers will gather information and look at pieces of evidence to compile an accident report. This will determine who is at fault and what actions are to be taken accordingly. Keep in mind that such information is valuable in a claim; however, it is not in the police’s jurisdiction to have the final say regarding the liability. In any case, you should make sure to get a copy of the police report on the accident.

Get Insurance and Contact Information

In case the police did not arrive on the scene or are not called, you should get insurance information from the semi-truck driver. In case there are other people involved in this accident, you should get their contact information as well. According to the reputable team of lawyers at https://www.tomenybest.com/truck-accident-lawyer/, obtaining contact and insurance information helps you in the personal injury claim against those who are at fault. Ideally, you should call the police first to have the case properly documented as this will strengthen your case.


Take Photos of the Scene

When thinking of evidence of your accident, you must consider taking photos documenting what happened. This is the optimal way of demonstrating the severity of the accident. You should try to take photos of your vehicle, the semi-truck, the plate numbers, and the location of the accident. You should also capture any skid marks, sustained injuries by you or the passengers, and any vehicle parts that have fallen on the ground due to the accident.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

It is vital to send a report of the semi-truck crash to your insurance company right away. The trucking company in addition to its insurance firm will try to pin the accident on you to avoid liability. So, immediately taking this step saves you the hassle of being exploited by the trucking company.

Gather Witnesses

Like evidence, witnesses play a pivotal role in any litigation or claim. A big accident involving a semi-truck can certainly stop traffic. So, try to get the names and contact information from those who were close to the accident site.

Enlist the Help of a Semi-truck Crash Lawyer

Semi-truck accidents are serious issues. It is always wise to leave the matter to the professionals. Since there are several parties involved in such accidents like the semi-truck driver, car driver, insurance companies, and trucking insurance companies, it can seem overwhelming and difficult to handle it all yourself. Choose the safer route and consult a reputable attorney specializing in semi-truck accidents that will have the expertise to deal with insurance companies. Attorneys will take a comprehensive look at your case and build up the evidence to present you properly in the court. Rest assured, the processing of your claim will go smoothly with an experienced semi-truck attorney. This will also increase your chances of compensation and medical care coverage.

Driving a commercial truck or semi-truck is not a walk in the park. While truck drivers spend a handful of hours in training to drive such vehicles, accidents can still happen. Being involved in a crash is not easy, and there is always a casualty regardless of the severity of the accident. With the guide provided here, you can apply the needed steps to ensure that your claim is dealt with efficiently.