What You Need to Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths and Other Decorations

Autumn is an amazing season in and of itself. But it also signifies another thing: Christmas is just around the corner! While it may take around three more months before Christmas actually comes, it’s wise to plan this early about how Christmas would look like for you and your family.


Among the most common rituals of the season is giving gifts and putting up Christmas decorations around the house. Even if it’s only autumn, you might want to consider accomplishing your Christmas-related tasks one by one. Cramming everything near Christmas might take away a lot of quality time that you could be spending with your loved ones instead.

Benefits of DIY Decorations

The process of putting up Christmas-themed decors is probably one of the most exciting things about the holidays. If you currently don’t have decorations, buying ready-made ones can be convenient, but creating them yourself can be especially stimulating, especially when you invite your kids to join in. It’s also a way to cut back on unnecessary spending.

Creating DIY decor with your kids can certainly make the design process a lot more fun. After all, children tend to make some interesting choices when it comes to crafts. You probably would get a lot more compliments than if you just did them yourself!

If you want to create your own decors, here are some ideas that are easy enough to DIY:

DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

When you see Christmas wreaths on people’s front doors, the Christmas spirit becomes all the more apparent. Fortunately, they’re easy to make, and they can be a good starting point for many beginners.


  • Florist’s wire
  • Wreath ring
  • Sharp scissors
  • Moss sheet
  • Flowers and foliage


  1. Gather your flowers and foliage. You can order specially designed Christmas bouquets for a start, but you can also go for a supermarket bouquet that’s supplemented with some extras from your garden.
  2. Wrap the moss sheet around the wreath ring. Afterward, get the florist’s wire and wrap it clockwise to secure the moss. Make sure that you leave gaps measuring 1.5 inches each around the wreath. Secure the wire by pulling it tightly. Cut the wire once you’ve completed a full circle, then combine the ends and twist together to secure.
  3. Cut the stems such that your foliage pieces are 4 to 6 inches long. Group them into 2 to 3 stems. By the end, you should have around 18 groups.
  4. Lay down your first group of stems slantways across the wreath ring. Use the wire to attach the stem bases to the ring, but DO NOT cut the wire from the reel or spool. Lay the second group just below the first, then attach using the same wire.
  5. Continue doing this clockwise until everything is covered. Again, once the circle is complete, you can cut the wire and secure it to the wreath.
  6. Hold the wreath up and check for any obvious gaps. You can use what’s left of your foliage to cover it up.

DIY Christmas Bauble

Christmas baubles make Christmas trees look a lot livelier. You can also hang them in other parts of the house. Here’s how to make them:


  • Clear baubles
  • Preferred fillings (e.g. glitters, sequins, confetti, moss, etc.)


  1. Open the bauble.
  2. Fill the bauble halfway with preferred fillings. It’s recommended to tilt the bauble while filling so it only fills up one side. This maintains neatness when you’re ready to close the bauble.
  3. You can use a makeshift funnel to insert collective fillings like glitters. You can also use tweezers for bigger elements, like moss or fake leaves.
  4. When you’re done filling your bauble, close the lid carefully and make sure that everything is securely attached.
  5. Shake the bauble to make the colors inside it pop up!

DIY Cinnamon Vanilla Candle

Do you want your home to smell like Christmas? Try making these cinnamon vanilla candles and light them up to fill your home with holiday aroma! Smells are really memory-invoking, and this is definitely the kind that your kids would love to remember when they grow up.


  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Vanilla candles
  • Thick rubber bands
  • Twines and ribbons


  1. Wrap the candle with a rubber band. Put it 2 inches above the candle’s bottom.
  2. Insert cinnamon sticks in the rubber band until the sticks cover the candle’s circumference.
  3. Cover the rubber band with twine. You may have to wind it 5-6 times around the candle to fully conceal the band.
  4. Secure the twine’s ends in a double knot. Hide the knot under the twine strands.
  5. Optional: If you want, wrap a ribbon around the twine.


Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can create many of them on your own. And you don’t even need a lot of crafting materials to start. You just need a little bit of creativity and personal touch to fully claim the coming holidays. When the Christmas season is over, be sure to carefully store your Christmas tree and other ornaments so you can enjoy them for many years.