What to Look for in a Diffuser Pens Brand

One of the common popular things to hit the vape world today, don’t contain any psychotropic drugs or chemicals, or even nicotine flavors and products. In fact, there is nothing more than essential oils in them. The one primary thing that the best vape oils however don’t contain vitamin E, which can actually cause a lot of problems as research has been finding when it’s inhaled. However, the main purpose is enhanced aromatherapy when you inhale the essential oils, and then breathe the vapor out through your nose. It allows the scent to remain in your nose, and you can literally find numerous herbal aromatherapy methods in this manner.

There are Many Benefits to Vaping using Diffuser Pens Brand Vapes

So, let’s discuss the positive things about vaping essential oils. For starters, these vape oils don’t contain vitamin E as we mentioned, and they don’t contain any nicotine, which is a harmful and addictive carcinogen (cancer causing agent). Therefore, you are getting healthy natural oils just like you would if you used regular diffusers in your home.

Using essential oils in your vaping diffuser can greatly alleviate cramps, muscle tension, headaches, and help to ease tobacco cravings. At the same time, using scented vapes by mixing in essential oils can greatly help to relieve stress and other ailments much like regular aromatherapy methods do.

Another great thing is that some vapor brands actually contain other herbal tonics and blends that can help even increase stamina, as they use oils that can be invigorating, refreshing, and what’s even better, is that they last a while.

Are Diffuser Pens Safe?

As long as you find the right sources, yes, these pens are essentially safer than even vaping normal vape juice, which often contains harmful chemicals and propylene glycol in them. All that is in them, is a blend of vegetable glycerin, essential oils (that are completely natural extracts) and water. What’s even better to those enthusiasts out there is that most essential oil vapes and diffuser pens are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly because of their organic ingredients.

The only downside is that most diffuser pens that are already premixed are disposable, but they generally last a long time. Each diffuser generally has about 250 to three hundred puffs. That means that these diffuser pens could easily last a month (as they do for some users).

What Brands are Popular?

There are many popular brands of diffuser pens out there, and even some that can actually even deliver vitamins! That’s a crazy thought, isn’t it? Either way, here are some of the more famous and popular brand names for aromatherapy diffuser pens on the market.

  • MONQ – Offers many individual essential oil pens, as well as variety packs.
  • MOXĒ – Has numerous pens that feature special blends of essential oils.
  • Nutrovape – Offers natural relaxing essential oils, and the company even has vitamin and “energy drink” alternatives you can vape.
  • Slim Oil – A rechargeable pen that has numerous settings and uses special “cartridges” much like e-cigarettes


So, what is the best brand out there on the market? Our bet is on Be MOXE, as they have probably the highest amount of essential oil vapers out there, and they provide numerous healthy blends of great tasting essential oils.