What to Do If You Got Bitten by Your Neighbor’s Dog

Getting subjected to an animal attack can be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life. At that point, it won’t matter if you are an animal lover because the pain and fear can be too much to handle. The most common bites are dog bites because they are the most common pets that people keep. If you are walking down the street meaning no harm to the neighboring dog and it injures you, you will have the right to take legal actions. However, there are some steps that you should follow to make sure you come out of the incident without any losses. 

Seek Medical Help

The first and most important step is tending to your wound. This is because when a dog’s sharp front teeth grab you, the tissues will compress and the skin will tear. You will be left with an open and irregular wound that may leave a permanent scar if not treated correctly. It will also be at risk of infection because the dog’s saliva contains numerous bacteria and fungi that may reach your bloodstream. Furthermore, any dirt from the air may enter the wound and worsen the condition. 

It might take some time to reach a hospital, that’s why you should allow the wound to bleed for a couple of minutes to cleanse out some of the microorganisms. To stop the bleeding, you should apply some pressure with a clean cloth. After that, rinse the tissues with water and mild soap if available. 

Seeing a doctor will be necessary to get intravenous antibiotics if needed and to further clean the wound. This is mandatory if you have immunity problems or if you are diabetic as you will be more prone to infections. You may also need some stitches to close the wound properly and avoid the formation of scar tissue. 

Talk to Your Neighbour 

If you know the owner of the dog, it will ease things for you. The first question you should ask is whether the dog took rabies vaccination and all the necessary ones or not. You should ask for a certificate that proves that the vaccines were given. This is because if the dog is not vaccinated, you will need to take anti-rabies inoculations as this disease is fatal.

It is also recommended to talk to the neighbor to try to settle the issue in a friendly way. If the owner is cooperative and gives you the necessary documents along with paying for any expenses, you won’t need to take the issue to the authorities. However, if the conversation goes sideways, some actions will need to be taken. 

Request Legal Assistance

Request Legal Assistance

Filing a personal injury claim is tedious and will need a person who is well-informed of the law. Luckily, seasoned attorneys in Arizona are easy to find for this kind of claim. That’s why hiring an attorney will save you time, effort, and keep you away from any more hassle. If you want to gain insights about the law, you can read more online on the legal procedure and the role of a personal injury lawyer. You will find that the attorney will take care of the owner’s insurance company that will try to invalidate your claim and minimize the amount of compensation. A pro tip is to make sure to advocate your needs to your representative to be on the same page. 

The compensation you will be entitled to will depend on the amount of suffering and your losses. You will get paid for the medical expenses including surgeries, hospitalization, and follow-ups. Any lost income will be considered as well if you have to take sick leave or unable to perform the same duties as before. Emotional pain and suffering are important aspects that your lawyer will make sure that you get compensated for. 

Submit the Evidence

Sometimes it is hard to focus during an unfortunate incident because the shock may block your mind. However, if you are aware enough after getting bitten, you should gather as much evidence as you can and submit them to the authorities if needed. For instance, take photos of the dog, the scene, and your injuries. You should also keep the torn or bloody clothes that you were wearing. Any medical reports should be added to the file and given to your attorney.

Animal attacks may cause you to stop dealing with animals altogether because the pain may overcome your love for them. However, handling the situation in a good way by following the above steps will help you heal from the bite emotionally, physically, and financially. A professional personal injury attorney will aid you in the process and deal with the hassle of the insurance company on your behalf. However, make sure to talk to your lawyer and submit all of the gathered evidence.