What To Do If a Teenager Is Interested in Online Games?

Online games have already replaced the standard entertainment of teenagers in the ’90s. Parents simply do not understand how to react to such a hobby of their son or daughter. Panic is also caused by the popular media, which constantly accuse games of all possible sins. In fact, online games are a perfect method to relax and have fun. This activity even improves critical thinking. Today you will learn what to do if a teenager often plays online games and whether to be afraid of this hobby.

Why Are Video Games So Exciting?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what the kid has found in these games. The answer is simple – curiosity. Teenagers are always studying and they want more information about this world. When a player joins a new environment, he has to study it: what are the rules, drawbacks, and so on. The teenager understands that he has overcome many comprehensive tasks, got a reward, so he wants to continue. Perhaps, the same feelings people experience when winning at blackjack online casinos, or achieve their goals in sports or solve a difficult task in math.

Video game developers use the desire to “learn” and “win”, making the teenager interested in spending time online. This is the reason why teens and even their parents spend their leisure in the fiction world, but what are the consequences?

Influence of Video Games on Teenagers

In 2012, Daphne Bavelier, a professor at the University of Geneva, made a cool experiment. She invited people with different backgrounds and divided them into two teams – those who do and don’t play online games. The idea of the experiment was to figure out whether video games affect human attention.

The scientist gave both teams a Stupa test. The names of colors that were painted differently were highlighted on the screen. The task was to quickly name the color of the word, not the word itself. In the end, it became obvious that gamers were less likely to make mistakes and coped better with the task.

Influence of Video Games on Teenagers

Dynamic games like Call of Duty and Super Mario activate the parietal and frontal cortex. The first is responsible for the implementation of planned movements, and the second – for attention, cognitive activity, and motility. At the same time, it is important to remember that a positive effect can be obtained if you play a couple of hours a day. Aside from Call of duty and Super Mario there are many popular games available online by visiting CellPhoneDeal. Spending tens of hours playing games, a teenager will simply forget about other important things, such as reading, eating, physical development, and so on.

Advice for Parents

Psychologist Nir Ial believes that parents should participate in their child’s hobbies and even play themselves. Games also allow children to cope with difficulties, becoming experts in their favorite hobby. Sometimes it is worth allowing your son or daughter to feel smarter and teach you.