What to Do After Dangerous Medication Injuries

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are used to treat various medical conditions that we are experiencing. However, not all drugs are safe and free of side effects. Your doctor should be able to provide you a prescription with maximum effectiveness in treating the symptoms of your disease or medical condition and with the least adverse effects possible. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs require no prescription and are usually considered safe to use for treating minor ailments. Nevertheless, there are still instances where the intake of prescribed or OTC drugs has resulted in severe side effects and adverse reactions that can injure or endanger the life of the person taking the medication.

To know how to save your life or the life of someone, read on as we share things to do after a dangerous medication injury.

See a Doctor or Go to a Hospital Immediately

If you are feeling discomfort or adverse symptoms when taking your medication, it is a good safety measure to see a doctor no matter how mild the symptoms you are feeling. Some serious drug injuries result from brushing off mild symptoms and putting off seeing the doctor until the situation becomes alarming.

Try to recall as best as you what medications you ingested or better yet, bring the medication with you when you go to the hospital. Be ready to provide the information needed by your attending health professional. If you feel that your concerns are not adequately addressed by your doctor, feel free to seek a second opinion regarding the symptoms or reactions you encountered from your medication. Other physicians may prescribe a different treatment or drug that has fewer side-effects and higher efficacy. Also, do not stop your prescription medication unless approved by a doctor.

Make a Documentation Regarding Your Medical Injuries

When you begin to experience abnormal symptoms from your prescription medication or OTC drug, be sure to start documenting what is happening to you. Take note of the symptoms or adverse reactions, the duration of the symptom, the date the symptoms first manifested, and other important details. Detail the discomfort you are feeling and the psychological effects that you experienced while on medication. Also include documentation of your hospital visits, your consultation and medical check-ups with your doctor and other health professionals, and your conversation with your insurance provider. These documentations are important, according to law experts from https://drugguardians.com/ when you decide to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. A class-action lawsuit can be filed against drug manufacturers if you are one of several people who are injured by the same medication. The recent triumph of justice in the lawsuits filed against Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson proves that drug manufacturers can be held accountable and liable for the suffering you experienced from the negative side effects of the drugs they made. To make your case stronger, take pictures of visible symptoms and injuries that resulted from taking your medication. Take a focused shot of the injured area and a photo that includes your face for easy identification.

Document and Keep Your Medication Available

Do not throw away your medicine bottle, blister pack, or any unused prescription medication. Document the prescription drugs you have taken and be sure to keep the label clear and have a sample ready for possible lab analysis. Also, be sure to keep any printed information from the manufacturer, your doctor, or the pharmacy pertaining to the prescription medication. Other documentation you can include medical and hospital bills, lab results, receipts, and insurance claims. These can also be useful when you file a lawsuit or seek compensation for your medication injuries.

Speak with a Drug Injury Attorney

The injury you suffer from your prescription medication is a serious matter, and you should seek legal advice on the best courses of action you can take. Pursuing a dangerous drug or medication injury claim against pharmaceutical companies can be difficult without the aid of a skilled attorney. Most large drug companies and manufacturers have their attorneys who will do their best to ward off claims and lawsuits for their clients in any way they can. Further complicating the matter is that many pharmaceutical companies are international corporations.

You also have to remember that the statute of limitations regarding medical malpractice or personal injury can vary with every state. The statute of limitations refers to the law preventing people from getting financial compensation after a certain time period. It gives all the more reason to seek the legal expertise of a dangerous drug lawyer or drug injury attorney as soon as possible. Speak with a Drug Injury Attorney

Your health and well-being are priceless. Your prescription medications should be made to make you recover from your ailments and feel better and not to make you feel sicker. While we know that most, if not, all drugs come with certain risks, side-effects, and interactions with other medicines, the information we receive from drug manufacturers and doctors should be complete and reliable. Thus, be watchful of your medications and take appropriate action if something doesn’t feel right. It pays to be cautious and prepared when protecting ourselves from dangerous medication injuries.