What To Consider When Selecting Hotel Carpet

The beauty of every hotel doesn’t lie only in the doors, couches, and beds. It also lies in the little details, including the floors. Choosing a flooring system for your hotel is tricky. This is partially because you need to choose a carpet that meets every requirement for your hospitality service. If you’re not sure where to start, continue reading for more information on what to consider when selecting a hotel carpet.

1. Identify your needs

Identify your needs

It would be best if you clarified your needs and expectations before investing in any hotel carpet. Consider the different spaces you have and how much traffic is expected in these areas daily. Public areas such as your reception and the lounge will benefit greatly from woven carpets due to their high traffic count, while bedrooms will do well with a lower-cost tufted carpet. Identifying your needs also involves getting your specifications right, and this is best done with a professional designer for better output.

2. Material choice is vital

The carpet material you opt for should be for the intended purpose of your carpet. This is to ensure you get the most out of your carpet. Your material should not fray easily, nor should it be tough to clean. Such materials don’t do well in heavy foot traffic areas since they can get unsightly within short periods. With the help of carpet installation companies choose materials such as nylon fiber and wool, especially for high traffic zones. They’re durable enough to last many years, and they have a high wear resistance that many materials do not possess.

3. Stock or custom carpets?

A carpeted hotel corridor image

Now that you’ve outlined all the spaces’ specifications and carpet needs, it’s time to decide between stock and customer carpet pieces. Carpet companies often offer you both options, where you can choose from their vast variety of designs or have them make something special that fits your brand story. You can choose colors that complement your existing interior decor with custom carpets. Custom designs consider the constraints of your chosen location and the design needs of your establishment.

4. Should you soundproof?

No one likes to hear constant tapping, scratching, wheeling, and other noises in their room or even at the reception of a hotel. It’s distracting, can get irritating, and leaves your teeth on edge. Choosing the right carpet material will help alleviate this issue with ease. With the right carpet material and the perfect underlay and installation process, your carpet should reduce the sound that comes with the dropping and pulling of bags, footsteps, and any other noise from rooms around you. A reduction in noise results in guests achieving a better living experience in your hotel.

Overall, a hotel carpet should be able to make your establishment much quieter than before. This will help to make a luxurious, peaceful environment for guests and staff alike. 

5. Think about going eco-friendly

For a healthy and safe hotel environment, you might want to consider eco-friendly carpet designs and materials. Polyester, wool, and olefin carpets are great choices since they’re void of volatile organic compounds and carcinogens. The absence of nontoxic elements in your carpet means you’re not contributing as much to greenhouse effects, and this is a great way to keep your guests healthy during their stay.

You may also want to consider the eco-friendly option of sustainable and/or recycled carpeting. Many carpeting options are now produced using recycle material, which does away with the need to make new raw materials from limited natural resources. This way, you get functional carpeting without making such a huge carbon footprint along the way. Incidentally, you can use this as a factor while marketing your hotel. 

6. Consider First Impressions

In the hotel industry, first impressions with guests are an important consideration. Focusing on the quality and design of your carpets is a great way to ensure a positive first impression on anyone who steps into your establishment. Ideally, you want carpeting that will not just last a long time, but also provide a comforting home-like atmosphere. 

7. Services from the Supplier

When you order hotel carpet, you’re probably placing a very large order. With orders of this size, many companies and carpet suppliers usually offer certain perks to encourage such purchase. While you’re considering where to order your carpet from, look and see if the vendor also provides installation services, material tracking options, and so on. With these benefits, you can ensure that the carpet is installed properly and as fast as possible. 

After-purchase customer care is also a major factor when choosing a hotel carpet supplier. You want to deal with a manufacturer or vendor who is known for being honest in their work. At the very least, there should be guarantees on their product, a suitable warranty, and the assurance of replacements or repairs should the need arise. 

To conclude, hotel floors experience high levels of foot movement every day, so your flooring will need to be durable, comfortable, safe, and also pleasing to the eyes. Any option you go for should be as cost-effective as possible. Also, try to invest as much as needed into your hotel carpets, as they can make or break the appeal of your establishment to the guests. Liaise with design professionals, and ensure that only the best choices are made for every space. Carefully choose every carpet, from the bedroom to the corridors and your reception, keeping the designs aligned with your brand and your overall interior vision.